My chances..

<p>Already asked in Princeton forum but noone answered:/ Maybe here someone will have any thoughts.
I moved to US in the end(last month) of my junior year without any Eng. skills, so I didnt have time for clubs/EC's or sports. I am from Iran, but I grew up in Russia. My GPA is currently 4.17, but its just my GPA from the last month of junior year. All my grades there were A's(5's). In summer I did 180hour volunteering @ dentist's office and shadowed a neurologist in University Of Chicago Medical Center for 60 hours(1 month). Currently I'm taking 3 AP's (Chemistry, Biology, Calculus) and some crappy courses required for graduation in IL. All my grades are A now and I am pretty sure they will stay A. My ACT score is 30(34 science, 34 Math, 25 Reading, 27 English), but I am taking it again in few days. Also I am taking 3 SAT II in December (Physics, Chemistry, Math). And I am a Permanent Resident. Do I have any chances to get it? Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes.
I am also applying for Yale and Princeton, so if it's okay, please tell me my chances for them to</p>

<p>I don't know much about this stuff, but what about your extracurriculars? Those and essays are really important. Try reading other people's posts about if they got in or were waitlisted/rejected. Also try to organize your information neatly so people can see it better, and include your unweighted GPA (cause everyone applying to ivy leagues needs to have good weighted GPAs).</p>