My chances

<p>I am an OOStater doing IB program. My stats: SAT 2310; SAT II : 700 Bio, will be taking Math II and US History; Took two AP and got 4 and 5 (History and Human Geo); current gpa:5.4
EC: Marching Band (First Chair Region Orchestra, and several awards); JV Tennis for two years; Lot of volunteer hours (500 +) - Teaching Inner city kids through a nationally recognized program); CAS hours; Made into prestigious Youth Orchestra (2 years); Piano (learning since 2003 and have several awards); NHS; NMF (have enough PSAT to make it).
I am seriously considering UNC - Chapel Hill (possibly Morehead-Cain).
Also planning to apply for UPenn, Vanderbilt, Emory, UT, Rice and Baylor
Can some one please chance me? Thanks</p>