My chances....

<p>Yes, it's another one of those threads...anyway, here are my stats:</p>

<p>1530 GRE (780 Verbal, 750 Math)
3.43 UGPA (International Business Administration)
Of my three LOR's, I'm shooting for all three of them to be from professors, but I'm pretty sure I can get at least two from them and one professional reference.
Five years of work experience (3 years post-graduate)
Speak German and Russian (if that matters)</p>

<p>I'm considering applying to the following programs and I'd just like to know what you guys think my chances are in general terms:
Princeton WWS MPP
Harvard Kennedy MPP
Duke Sanford MPP
Brown Taubman MPP
University of Texas MPA
Chicago Harris MPP

<p>In case it matters, it's ultimately my goal to work for the federal government.</p>

<p>Also, in these programs, is there a considerable difference in terms of competitiveness between the MPA and MPP programs (for the schools that have both)?</p>