My Chinese parents are crazy about SATs.

<p>They think my life depends on it. They're planning to enroll me in the princeton review course TWICE. SAT Total prep, the one that's more expensive
is there anything wrong with this?
i'm an upcoming junior</p>

<p>There's nothing wrong with that. I completely understand your pain.</p>

<p>My mom is convinced that I'll get into Harvard...with a scholarship. Crazy woman. ;P</p>

<p>Just some advice: PR course is ineffective and such a waste of $$. It's only useful if you're a slacker and would not do the SAT study by yourself. (As in not motivated to study and wander off to listening to music, TV, food, etc...)</p>


<p>Yeah, I heard princeton review sucks. Much more effective is the collegeboard online course, the collegeboard book of old sat tests, and something to stop you from considering giving up and going to community college.</p>

<p>but they guarantee 200+ points! i currently score about 2000 on practice exams. doesnt that mean illl get a 2400 when i take the real SAT after taking two sessions of princeton review courses!?</p>


<p>O I do recommend the pr course. Do really well on the first practice test and then when you don't get 200 points better (which is hard for someone scoring high) then you get even more FREE courses lmao! Lol I did this and took like 20 sumtin classes, haha it's all a blur now. I think it did help, and I learned all of the tricks and tips of the trade. (and most importantly I got used to the test and gained confidence). And I made like 20 new friends that I got to suffer through the classes with</p>

<p>ps you're taking TWO different courses or meeting twice a week? If it's the 1st one that's excessive...unless you think it'll help you because everyone is different.</p>

<p>haha...very funny...but no it doesnt not guarentee a 200 pt increase....they say that, but the close you are to a perfect score, the harder to improve, you must learn PR is inefective if you yourself dont work hard</p>

<p>after im done with the first course, i plan to enroll again in the next course geared towards the next test date, not two different courses or meeting twice a week</p>

<p>I'd definitely see if you still need to take the 2nd after you take the probably won't even need to. Also if you don't score 200 higher you get a series free courses (I did).</p>

<p>how does it work? do they judge the 200+ score based on the real SAT or the practice exam? what if i got 2300 on the first practice exam? are they going to guarantee a 2500 or infinite free courses?</p>

<p>even better. how about i aim for a 2200 on the first practice exam. then, i'm guaranteed to get a 2400
is this true?
if so, im going to study my butt off before the first day of the prep course
please tell me this is true somebody</p>

<p>it is DEFINETLY you dont get a 200 pt increase on your REAL SAT from the 1st practice on PR gives you, then you get to take the course for free the second time</p>

it means a lot
i appreciate your response</p>

<p>great advice figgy
youre da bomb</p>

<p>lol np. Just some advice...the course can get a little mondane, so keep yourself entertained by answering questions (and if u don't want to be the kid who answers every question and look like a smart ass then you can just answer it in your head...but u should at least answer some). I kept "awake" by following the problems in order to answer them, because it can get to be a lot when your reading a passage or going over math. Also getting to know the classmates is VERY helpful in keeping it a friendly environment where you can always just have a little conversation on the side every now and then (which keeps you sane). But anyways pr does help a lot, especially with the structure they give you for the essay for example. Just remember that you aren't taking the course to make your teacher happy or something like that, it is FOR YOU so take advantage of it and do your Best! Best of luck!</p>

<p>my parents made a deal with me.</p>

<p>if i get a 2100 on the SAT's, i can get a 2005 nissan 350z.</p>

<p>nice, if i say so myself.</p>

<p>OMFG! My parents made a deal with me... If I get 2350+, we will go out to eat.
We went to some crappy chinese restaurant... When my cousin came over to visit, she got a labtop just because she is "family" although I have only met her once...</p>

<p>You must either be white or just americanized cause true asian parents are more ghetto than real people in teh ghettoes.</p>

<p>lmao, sai. are you saying that you dont normally go out to eat? Man your parents must be stingy.</p>

<p>lol woooow when i got a high SAT score my asian parents gave me an mp3 player and actually didnt treat me like sh1t for once</p>

<p>then i got really good AP scores, and i got to go on a shopping spree</p>

<p>My parent's reward for acing the SAT is not to beat me for that day.</p>