My College Choices So Far, Request Some?

<p>These are just some that I either like, is my safety college, or is close to home.</p>

<li>University of Cincinnati ( University</a> of Cincinnati )</li>
<li>University of Ohio ( Welcome</a> to Ohio University )</li>
<li>Kent State University ( Kent</a> State University, A Top Ohio University )</li>
<li>Northern Kentucky University ( Northern</a> Kentucky University )</li>
<li>University of Dayton ( University</a> of Dayton : University of Dayton )</li>
<li>University of Toledo ( The</a> University of Toledo )</li>
<li>West Virginia University ( West</a> Virginia University )</li>

<p>Just some I have right now. Proably will change some by juinor year though, no doubt. </p>

<p>Anyways, if you are going to request a college please consider these:</p>

<li>Dont have the cost extremely high ( 30,000 total cost or below )</li>
<li>Within at least 2 states of Ohio ( so... Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, maybe ---> New York )</li>
<li>Has a Graphics Design or Web Design course.</li>

<p>I know its asking alot of you to follow these rules, but I really need some help looking and you would feel good about your self helping right? ;)</p>

<p>The best way to get schools to consider is often to go to a college finder - this site has one as does college board. You can pick the states of interest, pick whether you need need-based or merit money, require majors, etc.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Hey thanks, that realy helped!</p>