My College Decision Results co 2026

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*I have already applied and received decisions from all of these schools


  • Gender: Male
  • Race/Ethnicity: Black, Asian
  • Residence: mid-Atlantic
  • Income Bracket: no aid
  • Type of School: competitive public - top school in the state
  • Class size of 550: Unranked (top 5%)
  • Hooks (Recruited Athlete, URM, First-Gen, Geographic, Legacy, etc.): URM

Possible Majors:

1.) Materials Science and Engineering

2.) Computer Science (I applied for this at some schools, not CMU, as a lot of my Materials Science work was in the area of Computational Materials Science)

3.) Mechanical Engineering


GPA: 4.0/4.0 and 5.023/5.00 W (max is 5.25/5.00)

Courses: 17 APs/Advanced Classes, 2 College Courses

9th: AP Bio, BC PreCalc, rest honors

10th: AP Calc BC, AP Chem, AP Comp Sci, AP Seminar, rest honors

11th: AP Stat, AP Lang, AP Envi Sci, AP Gov, AP Research, Honors Spanish, Foundations of Mathematical Proof (Community College Dual Enrollment), Exploration Studies (College Course)

12th (mid-year report grades included): AP Physics C Mechanics (97), AP Comp Sci A (95), AP Econ (98), Multi-Var Calc (97), AP Psych (99), AP Literature (95)

SAT/AP Scores:

SAT: 1560 (760 ebrw, 800 math)

AP: 5 BC Calc, 5 Comp Sci P, 5 Stats, 5 APES, 5 Research, 5 Lang, 5 Gov, 4 Bio (800 Bio SAT), 4 Seminar

Main Extracurriculars:

1.) Selective Materials Science (MatSci/MSE) Summer Programs

-most recent was at UPenn

2.) Science Fair Club co-Leader; 4 yr member

-mostly computational materials science research

3.) Selective Science/Laboratory Research Programs

-most recent was a cancer research program, specifically focused on lung cancer applications

4.) 4-year Varsity Soccer Player

-top 5 nationally ranked team, State Champs

5.) African American Student Union Grade Representative

6.) Club Soccer co-Captain

-one of the teams was nationally ranked

7.) National Honor Society Vice President

8.) Volunteer as a homework tutor

-250+ volunteer hours

9.) Leader/Founder of Club offering free SAT tutoring

10.) Junior Camp Counselor

Additional info section will include:

11.) Investment Club participant

12.) Small Soccer Cleats Bussiness eBay

13.) Play the piano (fur Elise, moonlight sonata, etc.)

14.) Organized Soccer gear drive to Africa on a family visit


1.) National Merit Finalist (Index Score: 226)

2.) AP Scholar with Distinction, AP Capstone Diploma, African American Recognition Program

3.) 2nd place State Science Fair ($75) + $30,000 scholarship to a local school

*needed first place to qualify for ISEF

4.) Regional Science Fair: 1st award + perfect score + judge’s award ($50)

5.) 3rd place State Science Fair ($50) + $60,000 scholarship to a local school


Probably one of the better parts of my application. I started back in July.


All solid, no interview from Northwestern, Columbia, or Dartmouth.



1.) Yale RD

2.) Columbia RD: Likely Letter (C.P Davis Scholar)

3.) Cornell RD: Likely Letter

4.) Duke RD: Likely Letter

5.) UPenn RD

6.) Vanderbilt RD: Crescere Aude scholars, Mosaic

7.) Carnegie Mellon RD

8.) Northwestern RD

9.) Rice RD: Trustee Distinguished Scholarship, 100k merit

10.) Johns Hopkins RD

11.) Georiga Tech EA: OOS Gold Scholar (top 0.4% of applicants), 84k merit

12.) U Mich Ann-Arbor EA

13.) Northeastern RD: 144k merit, honors program

14.) Case Western RD: 162k merit

15.) Pitt EA: Chancellors Full-Ride Scholarship Finalist, 64k merit

16.) Penn State EA: Schreyer Honors College, 25k merit


17.) Princeton RD

18.) Harvard RD

19.) Dartmouth RD (Declined my spot)


20.) Stanford REA: Deferred → Rejected :frowning:

I have decided to enroll at Columbia SEAS!

Thank you for reading!


Incredible achievements! Congratulations and best wishes.


Wow, amazing accomplishments! Congratulations and best of luck for a great college experience at Columbia!



Thank you!

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