My college placement experience and two wrong choices I realized I made felt like my timeframe was a waste

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When I first took my college placement test. I was placed in ESLINTG 99 and for the math placement got placed in Pre-Calculus level.

Mistake number 1

I kind of made a mistake and told my advisor I wanted to take General Education Math since I felt I was not ready to tackle Pre Calc. Passed General Education Math in Fall 2019 with a grade B.

Mistake Number 2

For Spring 2020. I was kind of not happy with my English placement score due to that timer which was very annoying and made me lose focus. I had to read a long paragraph and write an essay. The way I like to work is I need days to do some research brainstorm my thoughts.

My advisor told me you have to take ESLINTG 99 and 100 then you can be ready to pursue English 101 but you take 101 with 97 - Written Communication Skills since it’s a combo like a co-curricular attached to it.

I felt that it was a waste of semester time in my CC taking two extra remedial courses but I had signed up for the 99 course, and added 4 more courses to my Spring 2020 semester. Sine course 99 would bore me, I needed something to occupy myself.

I went to talk to the English chairpersons and make an appeal I felt I did not need 99 and 100 remedial, after a week I won the appeal and got placed into English 101 since my essay was at an okay level. Once I got placed in 101 there is no choice I have to pass it or else it’s back to being tested again and going through that college placement test which is very annoying.

The advisor switched me out of ESLTING 99 to 097/101 before the semester began but the huge mistake I could not remove the CIS, CRM Justice, Health, Interdisciplinary Studies, removing the huge amount of classes will impact my Pell grant heavily.

Long story short If I had stayed in Pre-Calc and did not switch to General Math, I would have finished Calc 1,2,3 rather taking those 4 courses in Spring 2020.

I did not know I would win the placement appeal. But good news I passed both courses 97/101 with grade B :slight_smile:

I learned something don’t just sign up quickly and end up consuming time.


That’s a good lesson to learn and for others starting out to keep in mind. Thank you for sharing.

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