My commonapp account is locked?! Application due tonight!

<p>What should I do?! I have my last college application due tonight! I am freaking out. I already sent in a report but I don't think it'll help. I know my password but I didn't put in correctly and it locked it. I am freaking out. I understand I shouldn't have waited till the day off but all I had to do was hit send!</p>

<p>Can you open a new account and duplicate the contents? Ouch!! So sorry this happened. </p>

<p>Sometimes these clear themselves in 24 hrs but that may be too late for you.</p>

<p>That means I would have to get recommendations and a new Commonapp ID. I think I might just wait for their reply and if it's too late, it's too late. The school that was due today wasn't my number 1 at all so I think I might live. I'm upset with myself but there's nothing I can do now</p>

<p>Jellybeans - don't give up! Contact the Common App Online support team. They can unlock your account very easily. From the main <a href=""&gt;;/a> page, click on Contact Us -> Application Support Center. On the next page, click Contact Applicant Support about halfway down the page. They'll take care of you!</p>