My daughter accepted in December, no letter in mail. Anyone else?

My daughter was accepted to the school of nursing back in December and a letter was supposed to follow, nothing yet. Has this happened to anyone else?

Call the school!

I thought they didn’t send out acceptances yet?

it was for early action

Are you sure this is for University of Connecticut? UCONN does not offer early action. I don’t think they offer early decision either. UCONN notifies students of their acceptance in March timeframe.

There is a priority deadline of Dec 1 (for merit and honors), and a regular deadline for Storrs of January 15, but all admission decisions are released March 1. You are sure it’s for UCONN at Storrs?

Someone at my daughters school was accepted into UConn a couple weeks ago. Not sure what major or if she was accepted into Storrs or a branch. We are in state.