My daughter is targeting a UC

<p>what would be the UC campus that she has a chance to get in:
this a very brief profile:
gpa 3.42 weighted 3.82 (she attends high selective and competitive high school)
EC - clubs, dance performances, track, volunteering. She wants to get a job in the summer.</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>do u live in ca?. what grade is she in? right now, i think uc irvine, riverside, maybe san deigo</p>

<p>What's her rank and SAT/SAT II scores?</p>

<p>UCSC, UCM, and UCR looks like a match solely based on her GPA. If you list her SAT, that may change....</p>

<p>Yes, we live in CA. She's a junior now. thanks..</p>

<p>She has taken any SAT so far. She's a junior. In general do students take SATII before senior year?</p>

<p>Another Q - what it would take for her to be able to have a chance for UC Berkeley? we live very close to Berkeley, and as parents we love for her to live as close to us as possible once she's in college. Besides, she likes Berkeley...thanks in advance for your input...</p>

<p>There's a lot of info on the older SAT and SAT II prep forums, but in general, taking SAT II's after related classes (i.e. SAT Math II after pre-calc) is common. Trying the SAT I in early spring is also a good idea so you get another chance if you want/need it. (The PSAT results will help yor decide how many tries you'll want.) My D only took it once but folks on CC seem to take them several times. Fall of senior year is more stressfull then promised, so don't put off much until then.</p>

<p>Folks around leave seem to think Berkley is a bit of a reach for all but Californian Ivy Bound Kids, but check out the UC common data sets. Seems SAT I @ 2080 and GPA 4.0 unweighted/4.2 UC is pretty competitive;SAT II'S 700 or more seem average but I'm not sure it's necessary (hope not! My D applied with SAT II's<<700.)</p>

<p>Thanks for your answer. seems that my D has no chance for Berkeley... unless she gets her unweighted gpa to 4.0 and high SAT results...</p>

<p>Without any SAT results or ranking, the chancing isn't going to be so accurate. Anyhow, I'm assuming a 3.4 UW wouldn't be in the top 10%, unless her HS has a lot of grade deflation. </p>

<p>If she is not in the top 10% of her class, Berkeley and UCLA are going to be super high reaches. UCSD will be somewhat of a reach as well, since they mostly take people within the top 10%. I think that Merced, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Irvine might be good matches to low matches. Not sure about Davis, but she should have a decent chance there.</p>

<p>Thanks for the explanation aquamarinee.</p>