My Daughter received a letter from WWU

I can’t open the letter because my daughter is on a school retreat. She will return on Friday night. She applied only about 10-12 days ago so I am wondering if it just says that they received everything? It would be nice if it was her first acceptance! It is not a particularly thick envelope which was bad news in my day. Oh well, just have to wait!!

It was just a letter saying they received everything.

Good luck to your daughter! What is she planning to study?

Business/marketing. She is waiting on several other EA applications at the moment. It is still real early, but nerve racking! The schools generally say decisions come 12/10 to end of year but think some will be earlier hopefully.

She got into Western Washington. Some merit would be nice but still very reasonable cost given we are in state.

Nice! So how long it took from the submission till their acceptance notice? Wondering if transfer decision process be that quick as well

It took about 3-4 weeks, real quick!

Still unsure about merit. Will try to get her to let me look in the portals.

@JBSeattle Sorry, but do you mind sharing your daughter’s stats? My son is only an average student and not sure his chance of transferring to WWU

We are hoping for some merit. She has a 3.5 uw gpa, 3.7-3.8 weighted (school does not weight) with 1160 on SAT. Her stats are in top 25% of accepted applicants. Your son should try and don’t base your decision on my daughter’s stats.