My disastrous SAT scores

<p>Verbal - 470
Math - 660</p>

<p>I am so screwed, i thought i'd get above 700 for math given that the math was easy.. i guess my chances in stanford are soooo slimm...... what should i do? I really am bad in verbal, because i don't know a bunch of these vocabs..... i registered for nov SAT1.... well i don't know.. i'm so disappointed with myself...</p>

<p>stop being dissappointed! now!
go hit the books. If your'e generally good @ math u can do this. Look @ the list of traps and stuff, ull be fine. what math r u takin? alg 2 and u should be fine
for verbal, ur best chance is prolly with bridges and stuff... if u had more time, some editorials would do u help in reading comprehension. Perhaps ask ur english teacher for help and pointers on comprehension.</p>

<p>i'm taking IB math (HL) and IB english (SL) - well english doesn't help at all in SAT verbal... i have decent grades in high school, i feel so disadvantaged in SAT coz my school doesn't prepare us !</p>

dint expect a reply so fast!
public school i expect - i know dude
ur best chance is then to get a bucnh of books and find out strategies
strategies are most important for u now - much more compared to memorizing
so learn the tricks of the trade
(like bridges and how to predict, etc)</p>

<p>oya btw i am visishs</p>

<p>Yeah this is my list:
Carnegie Mellon
UC - Berkeley, LA, Davis
Indiana - Bloomington

<p>I know my scores are crap, but my high school grades are pretty above average i'd say.</p>

<p>IB Math HL - 6
IB Indonesian HL - 7
IB Geography HL - 6
IB English SL - 4
IB Business SL - 6
IB Physics SL - 3 (yuck)</p>

<p>What are my chances in these schools based on my SAT and current IB scores? I'll be takin SAT1 again in nov, and SAT2 (math2c, writ, phys) in dec.....</p>

<p>Unless u have some hidden hook that you're not tell us, you have a very small chance of getting into Stanford. Based upon your marks.</p>

<p>sat II's? ec's?
dude david rune dont be so harsh man
and sry dude i ahve no idea about IB</p>

<p>Try the ACT, some people score much higher on that.</p>

<p>Also, you can sign up for SAT again in december and forward it to colleges...</p>

<p>You shouldn't feel disadvantaged that your school doesn't prepare you for the SAT... That's your job (especially in a public school). I go to a crappy public school, but with enough self study, anyone can improve on the SAT.</p>

<p>yeah.... i don't have no SAT study thing at my school... so don't feel disadvantages... in fact almost everyone doesn't have the study thing.... we actually have to do stuff for ourselves.... horrible as that may seem....
STUDY STUDY STUDY>... just take practice tests millions of them.... on math : just keep taking it after the 2nd practice test u'll know all of their evil tricks... by the 4th practice test u'll ace the whole math section every time ... trust me.... its so freaking easy its hilarious.... once you get it...
as for stanford.... i don kno man its pretty tuff from what i hear..... if u wanna get in with that score u'd be in that .4 % of stanford students w/ that score... u kno</p>

<p>I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just pointing out that your marks will not be what makes you competitive for Stanford. You're going to some extra edge. I mean, you have a predicted 32/42. A guy from my school got rejected from Stanford with a predicted 42/42. And in my school nobody has ever gotten into an ivy league school with a score below a 39, unless they had some hidden hook.</p>

<p>I agree with davidrune. Your grades may be above average but so will be the majority of the applicants' grades. So while your grades are competitive enough, your SAT score isn't and will stick out like a sore thumb. Just get some review books. I'm sure you can improve, but unless you're a really fast reviewer or just totally blanked on the Oct, I don't think Nov is going to give you enough time to improve. BTW, if your verbal is bad, don't take the ACT. It's two parts verbal and the science section is really just more reading and interpreting. Though the content is easier, the math, which seems to be your strength, has less weight.</p>

<p>Ok you say your grades are average. You say you know your test scores are crap. You really don't have a chance at Stanford. Your list is top-heavy for your scores. Work hard the next 10 days...learn strategies for the analogies and vocab...practice, practice, practice critical reading. If you really want to go to Stanford you're going to have to score over a 1400 to give yourself a shot.</p>

<p>I mean come on you're failing a SL subject... You're predicted to fail.</p>

<p>hmm maybe tenniscraze is the US opn juniors champion or something!!! </p>

<p>you never know on CC .....</p>

Student Council - 10, 12 (currently vice-chairperson)
Amnesty Int'l - 11, 12 (co-founder)
School Newspaper - 11
Duke of Edinburgh - 11
Wall Climbing - 12
Badminton - 9, 10, 11, 12 (Varsity, national competition at JAAC, and regional competition at SEASAC)
Tennis - 9, 10, 11, 12 (Varsity, reached QF at a distric tournament, regional competition at SEASAC)
Hip Hop - 11, 12
CAS - over 200 hrs</p>

Drama - Commendation in gr 10 for brilliant performance at a musical prod.
Math - Distinction award in 2000, test administered by University of NSW, Young Mathematician Award in 1998 in Singapore
Badminton - School Award in gr 10, bronze medal at district tournament in 1998
Geography - Faculty Award in gr 11
PE - Faculty Award in gr 9
Athletics - Gold Medal at 4x400 m nationals in 2000
Valedictorian for mid year at previous school in 2001 (dunno if that can count?)</p>

Earned 8 credits at Stanford this summer, got a B in matrix theory class, C in oceanography and also passed 2 other courses in advanced tennis and hip-hop.
Worked at UNESCO for about almost 2 weeks this summer.
Charity Visits, fundraising, habitat for humanity, teaching primary kids - i guess it's all part of CAS.</p>

Good rec from math teacher, and i can say a very good rec from Geo teacher, rec from a stanford lecturer from my matrix theory class
Rank - we don't really rank, but i'd say top 10%
Don't work with GPAs either! hehe</p>

<p>You dont find out ur IB scores til the end of ur senior year so how can that affect ur college aadmissions</p>

<p>You don't find out your final IB scores till after admission decisions are sent out, that is true. But IB predicted grades are sent out.</p>

<p>it's alright, the SAT don't tell ****!!!!! i have a japanese friend who speaks, writes fluently in english and does extremely well in math, he has won so many english and math contests. And he got 1120 on his SAT I, he still got in to Harvard! So i wouldn't really worry about it. a bad score means you are bad at taking tests. and plus, they'll look at ur courseload and say, hey this guy is alright, SAT is a dumb test lol. But just in case, take it one more time, see if you can get higher. you scored higher than me on my first try, i got 660m and 460v. study, you'll do better.</p>