My dream Columbia University

<p>My dream school for the past 5 years has been columbia and has always been columbia. I have a 3.5 - 3.7 gpa. Thats a little lo, but i think its my extra activities and my essay that will get me in under early d. Im know for my contribution outside the classroom rather then pure scholastic ability. Cloumbia knows that there are a lot of scholastic students out there. Thats why they dont get accepted like they used to. Im in nhs, im an eagle scout, i am involved in medical research, i am in tcm (teaching the christian message). I teach liite kids about catholosisim. I was involved in the summer program for high school students at columbia, also nylf form on medicine and the national youth leadership confrince. Im in nshss. Have multiple leadership roles at school. Applying for early dessision in fall of 2011. The first person in my family to go to college. And i already have two essays, which my english teacher said is killer and unique. My sats are not going to get me in but im in the top 24% of my class so that could help me. Im also roman cathlic and italian if that will help me. i go to a cathlic school . As of my jr year im taking, ap us, english honors, italian 3, trig an algebra two , physics, tcm. My grades went down this year due to the CHALLENGING work load. So what are my chances.</p>


<p>"catholosisim." nice.</p>

<p>Sounds like you're trying to rationalize your sub average grades--and you didn't even mention test scores. ECs and subjective stuff matters, but numbers do too.</p>

<p>Yea its the texting. Its quite ashame that i have to mention numbers. Thats all they are, numbers. If Columbia bases there addmissions on numbers, then there everyting the world said they would be. It would be nice to think that they could accept someone with true love for there school for a change.</p>

<p>My advice to you would be to get a web browser with spell check, because the posts you just made are frankly horrendous, with regards both to spelling and grammar. It makes me wonder if your two essays are really "killer."</p>

<p>And again the fact that you won't post your SATs, which I'm guessing are sub 2k, and your GPA, which I'm guessing is sub 3.8. Frankly, one AP and one honors is not that challenging of a schedule by any standards.</p>

<p>Columbia does take students with lower numbers than average, but that doesn't mean numbers matter. Instead of talking yourself into how much of a loss Columbia would sustain if you didn't go there, and to yourself about how you "really love it," I'd retake those tests and study harder.</p>

<p>It's not "quite ashame" that you have to mention numbers, that's how applications that I think about it, maybe you're just a troll, because this post is ridiculous.</p>

<p>First of all i don't spell or talk like that. You have to realize that its not a college essay its a post. 2nd, i did not take my sats yet. And 3rd what on earth is a troll in this context. Numbers are important i agree, but they should not be the most important thing.</p>

<p>As for the course load, my school does not allow us to move up in math and science. Only history and english. Thats going to change sr year because im taking ap chem, ap bio, ap us government, english honors, and calculus.</p>

<p>This thread needs a Simon Cowellesque intervention. </p>

<p>Columbia09, it's not going to happen. Off you go.</p>

<p>Did you see my other post, im a sophmore at columbia, Off you go. You sound very stuck up. I dont even know why im still using this site. I guess i just like putting people like you in place. Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.</p>

<p>"Applying for early dessision [sic] in fall of 2011."</p>

<p>That post was from last week.</p>

<p>Brother is, but its a very long story. I applied under early dessision in fall of 2007. I think that thats what got me in. If I applied under regular dessision I probably was not going to be accepted. You going to the basketball game tonight?</p>

<p>I'm enjoying the surrealism.</p>

<p>It reminds me of the finale to "Extras" where an increasingly bold Andy Millman keeps lying and keeps getting caught. </p>

<p>Andy: Oh, Ridley Scott is on the phone. You know, famous Hollywood director.
Press agent: Ridley? Tell him I asked about his ankle. He'll laugh. He knows me.
Andy: What's he done? Oh, line's gone dead. Sorry!</p>

<p>I'm curious now. Why did you ask for your chances if you're already a student there?</p>

<p>It's spelled Catholicism...I teach it too</p>

<p>hmmm...that grammar. I'm a grammar freak, and i winced the entire time.</p>

<p>I'm enjoying Columbia09's posts on other threads seeking to dissuade students from applying ED to Columbia because they should be able to get into "better" schools... I wonder whether Columbia09 is applying ED to Columbia this fall???</p>

<p>Sorry bud, that's definitely not happening for you.</p>

<p>Especially considering how sub par your scores seem to be, not to mention your attitude and integrity.</p>

<p>Yes I am. My principal used to teach at Columbia and he wrote me a letter of rec.</p>

<p>I think it is my little friend. The clock is ticking</p>

<p>You all seem to be very familiar with the standards of columbia, or any ivy league college for that matter. Therefore, I would truly appreciate the favor if somebody could inform me on my chances of getting into columbia, and if not columbia then possibly another ivy league university or perhaps brandeis? Here is the description of my high school achievements:</p>

<p>GPA: 4.47 weighed, 3.47 unweighed (im a junior and my GPA will probably be dropping)
SAT: 2000 on the first one, will be taking again
Class Rank: 15/296, nearly top 5%
In AP Calc, AP US history, AP Chem and will be taking AP exams later on</p>

<p>ECs and volunteering:
Class President of Junior Class
Class Treasurer in Freshman Year
Spanish Honors Society
Student Council General Assembly Member
World Affairs Club
Key Club (all 4 years)
High School Cheerleading (Winter, competitive and for football in fall for all 4 years)
Varsity Spring Track (all 4 years)
Math Team (all 4 years)
Marching Band sophomore year
100+ hours volunteering for Ambulance Squad
300 hours volunteer cheerleading coach
30 hours in religious school</p>

<p>What are my chances?</p>