My dream school is Yale...

<p>So how likely is it that i'll get in?</p>

<p>Female, Asian-American</p>

<p>The years are noted by the number (4= senior year, 1=freshman):</p>

<p>Park Scholarship High School Nominee (4)
Harvard Book Prize Award Nominee (3)
National Leadership Conference Nominee (3)
The National Society of High School Scholars Nominee (2)
NC School of Science and Mathematics Admission (2)
2003 SummerVentures Program (2) – Student Government; Yearbook Editor
US Achievement Academy International Foreign Language Award Recipient (1)
North Carolina Algebra II State Competition Team Member (1)</p>

<p>Key Club <a href="4,3,2,1">50+ hrs of community service per school year</a>
Vice President (4)
Advisory Board; Webpage Designer (3)
Advisory Board (2)
Freshman Class Representative (1)</p>

<p>German National Honor Society (4,3,2,1); Executive Board (2)
German Club (4,3,2,1) – President (3), Vice President (2)
Webmasters Club (4,3,2) – Vice President (3); Guidance Department Editor (2)
National Honor Society (4)
NC Raleigh Chinese Language School (12 Years)
Triangle-Area Chinese-American Society (TACAS)
Tai-Chi class (4)
International Festival Volunteer (3,1)
Asian Students Association (4,3,2) – Webpage Designer (4,3)
Student Council Homeroom Representative (2,1)</p>

<p>Caribou Coffee Company Employee (4)
NC State University Civil Engineering Intern (summer 2004)
German Teacher Assistant (4,3)</p>

<p>2001 Raleigh Music Club Scholarship Competition, 1st Place
2001 National Guild of Piano Teachers National Piano Auditions, 1st Place in State
Superior rating in the Cary-Apex Piano Teacher Association Theory Testing, Levels 1-5</p>

Math = 780
Verbal = 690 (le sigh!)</p>

i'm too ashamed to put it up, but i'm retaking it in December
pretty much guaranteed 700-800 range, or else i'll die at the wrath of my parental units</p>

<p>Classes right now:
AP Music Theory
AP Government and Politics
AP English
AP German
I take Applied Differential Equations II at the University</p>

<p>Class rank:
5 out of 509</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA: 3.9048
Weighted GPA: 5.2381</p>

<p>Thanks a ton! What a great crowd</p>