My "EC's" aren't great.. Deal or no deal?

<p>Well I'm a senior in Texas, and I am applying to top schools.. (Rice, Cornell, WUSTL, Chicago, Midd, Mudd, Brown, Harvard + Yale lol)
My scores are ehh.. 2180 SAT/ 32 ACT / 33 superscore ACT..
Top 5%..</p>

<p>I'm not sure what to make of my EC's though...
2 years basketball before I got a job
1 year working 16 hours a week
1 year debate
Teacher's aide
Young Republicans
UIL academic competition regional qualifier
Mu alpha theta
NM Commended
30 hours community service</p>

<p>I know that those don't look good, but hear me out..
My common app EC essay is about the different types of people I met at my job, and how I will always remember the people..
My common app essay is about how I had to get a job because my mother ran into some money problems. We left my abusive, alcoholic father when I was 11, and I have looked after my mother ever since. I wrote about how I meet eyes with the homeless man who lives outside my workplace, and I sympathize. Others snub their noses at him, but I know what he is going through. I know what it is like to be broke and without a home, and I wouldn't dare to put a man in his situation in any more pain.
My essay for Harvard and Rice was a metaphor involving pizza. I likened the journey of going through the buffet line at a pizza joint and finding a sitting place to dealing with an absentee parent and other problems I have overcome. It was understated, yet it wasn't mocking.
My essays are about my little quirks and eccentric behaviors. I don't always tie my shoes, because I find the practice trivial. I often don't match for much the same reason. I memorized the presidents when I was 5 because it interested me. I love fast food and candy, even though they will be my demise.</p>

<p>Based on what I have written, I think that I have masked my EC problem.. Do you guys think that my lack of EC's stands out from my common app info? Do you think that my life outside of school gives me at least a percent of a chance?</p>

<p>You haven't masked anything. Those schools that look at ECs look at them in their own lane outside of the essays.</p>

<p>Just as a side note, "I have looked after my mother ever since" , adComs might frown at you stepping into a role that you shouldn't have at your age. I hope your mother got counseling for herself and you. To be honest, you have overcome a lot compared to the kids who have things handed out to them. So I hope they see it.</p>

<p>Only thing about hypms, I have heard as students are looking for dream schools, these schools are in turn looking for "dream students". I know they want focus with one clear excel EC (someone said like the letter T, involved in some areas, excelling in one).</p>