My English teacher is out to get me.

<p>I'm taking AP language, and my teacher is a total psychopath. I missed the deadline on one paper in the first marking period, by accident. The issue was settled, and I handed it in the next day. I missed another assignment when I was absent from class one day because she told me that there was nothing I needed to make up. Constantly, on all of my report cards thus far, she writes that I fail to meet every deadline. Which is absolutely not true! And there are others in the class who never hand in anything, and she does not repremand them at all...</p>

<p>Today, we had an outline due. She did not specifiy if we should write it or type it. I assumed that it wouldn't be collected, because we're supposed to be using it to write a paper, so I wrote it out, shorthand. In class, she said, "I really hope you guys have an extra copy. One for me and one for you." And when she found out that some people in the class had not typed it (myself and three others) she became angry. There were also about five people (three sitting in my row) who did not have the assignment at all. She told them to go to detention. One of the others who wrote it and did not type it asked the teacher what to do. She said that she should just type it up and hand it in tomorrow. I assumed the same went for all of the students who made the same mistake, so I didn't ask about detention. During my lunch period, I went to the library and typed up my work, but I was unable to print it and didn't get a chance to do so for the rest of the day, so I couldn't hand it in before I went home.</p>

<p>I got home to find that the teacher had called my mother and asked why I wasn't at detention. She claimed that I was insubordinate and I never completed my work. Meanwhile, the second highest grade in the class! I explained the situation to my mother, and she said that the teacher told her I didn't have my work (not that I did it and she refused to collect it) and that this happened often and I rarely hand in any work, and that my behavior wouldn't be tolerated anymore. What's worse, is that my mother is siding with the teacher, and doesn't believe that I actually do my work in the class. So now I'll probably be written up and grounded for not going to a detention that I wasn't supposed to be at.</p>

<p>Yuck! That sounds horrible. </p>

<li>Explain very carefully what happened with your English teacher -- don't get upset but definitely ask your mother to listen to the entire story.</li>

<p>If she's not willing to understand/listen, reason with her -- how could you possibly have the 2nd highest grade in the class if you never did your work? That should catch her attention.</p>

<li>Meet with your teacher (during lunch, after school, etc.) and calmly explain (very respectfully) your misunderstanding and how you are EXTREMELY sorry for the mistake (it's not your fault I know, but she'll be more understanding if she thinks you're accepting her criticism). </li>

<p>Then let her know that this will be the last time such a misunderstanding occurs (best to type up everything from now on) and butter her up by telling her you really enjoy her class and the curriculum.</p>

<li>Lastly, leave the issue where it is. Try your best to turn things on time from now on and type EVERYTHING up. Better safe than sorry, right? Other than that, there's nothing else to do ... I mean, it's almost the end of the year anyhow (Yah 2nd semester!) and besides, no college will care what this particular teacher thinks of you (unless you get a rec from her which I'm guessing you won't) ... all the college will care about is the grade, which is one thing you seem to have total control of.</li>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I've been in your situation. From your story I really agree with you.</p>

<p>In 6th grade my english teacher hated me. She hated every asian kid who didn't work diligently. (which was me and most of my friends.) She wouldn't answer any of my questions even on tests. Totally unfair. But that was in 6th grade and my grades didn't "count."
Then in 7th grade, my 6th grade teacher told her about me. Sooo bad. My locker was half broken and it was hard to close. She thought I was brain dead or something.</p>

<p>I believe you should fight for your grades. If you truly believe you are correct then you must have good reasons. Use those reasons and argue. Do it like a lawyer, no harsh stuff. Don't push the teacher too far, play it smart.</p>

<p>This year I moved because the bad economy cost my dad his job. So since I was new, I didn't have any necessary files on my school account. Thus, on this one english assignment I had no clue what to do. After a lot of questions/debates, we both learned at the same time that I was missing stuff to do the assignment. Problem solved. GL!</p>

<p>Thanks to both of you for the advice. My mother's new argument is that I'm a slacker who is purposefully trying to sabotage my high school career. Which is obviously completely ridiculous, but to be fair, my mother is a bit manic. Hahaha. She says that I should have been sure to show my teacher the written work and inquire about detention. I didn't, and I get that it's my own fault, but for my idiotic teacher to make such accusations really blows my mind.</p>

<p>I'll try to get it taken care of tomorrow, though...</p>