My Essay topic

<p>In the 1950's in Kazakhstan - yes, I'm from Kazakhstan - my grandmother was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was subsequently expelled from her village and treated almost like a leper. My grandfather, despite being under the risk of contracting the disease, went and lived with her in exile. This story really had an impact on my life and whenever I come to a tough decision, I think: "What would my grandfather do?". Is this a feasible essay topic? I really need a good essay topic as my SAT is only 1970, my GPA is a pathetic 3.7, and my EC's include Model United Nations, teaching the guitar and english to local kids stuck on kidney dialysis machines, being a senior member of the student government in two international schools, teaching the guitar to children in my school, working with DIMEI (a non-profit fund-raising organization), playing in a band, teaching the piano, banjo, harmonica, accordion, guitar, and balalaika (it's a Russian mandolin-type instrument), being part of the Student Volunteer Group, being captain of the volleyball team, and president of the chess club. Most of my EC's are music-oriented; therefore I feel as though it could potentially negate my chances. So I was wondering, assuming my writing skills are average, is my essay topic acceptable and unique?</p>