My experience

<p>I had the opportunity to visit Wittenberg on the Spring Visit Day in May, and it was wonderful. Everything from the orientation to the 'W' cookies had a personal touch, and it was flawless in organization. </p>

<p>The President's speech was both personal and also sincere, I think he has a great vision for the future of the University. Obviously, parts of it were 'fluff' and statistics, but that's a given. I <em>did</em> like how 100% of the teachers hold the terminal degree in their fields.</p>

<p>The tour guide knew what he was talking about, and the Student Panel wasn't afraid or hesistant to answer questions.</p>

<p>The campus itself was beautiful, especially the science building. </p>

<p>Eating facilities seemed to be fairly convienent, and the lunch buffet they served us was good, although it was extremely (and unseasonably) cold and windy.</p>

<p>The students that were around were friendly and helpful. One even gave me contact information for a professor in a department I was considering.</p>

<p>The dorms were all right; they were what you'd expect from college dorms. But the sunny day and multitude of windows made this not really that bad.</p>

<p>The only thing I'm not really certain about is the town of Springfield itself. There were some parts of town that really weren't that nice, but you get that with most places.</p>

<p>Overall, I'm both satisfied and happy. :)</p>