My feet don't hurt anymore best advice CC gave me but I was out with the cold for 3 1/2 weeks

Good evening, users

My feet don’t hurt no more, thanks to the exercising and those compression socks. I bought 100 pairs.

But I was out sick for 3 1/2 weeks missed a lot of university content for my program.

From Jan 2022 till now I’ve gotten sick multiple times.

I went to the hospital and the nurse was surprised and said “adult’s shouldn’t have a high fever like you do” I was like okay weird.

Lab test was done.

I’m missing Vitamin D, they told me my bones maybe deteriorate and break one day. that explains all the Pepsi I’ve been drinking all my life, like 5 to 6 cans per a day. I got prescribed those green jelly pills.

High cholesterol close to having heart disease. I was prescribed a statin to lower it.

Some antibiotics were put in my IV to make the throat pain vanish a bit. Also got antibiotics prescribed to me.

I’m also failing Uni semester, due me being away. Any tips?

Can you take a medical leave whereby your classes won’t be counted at all?


Won’t that impact my Pell grant.

I paid partially for my classes and Pell grant paid partial as well.

I think you can lose Pell for failing to mske Satisfactory Academic Progress, too.
“ Log into your My Federal Student Aid account on and see how much you have been awarded and how much you have already used. It’s confusing because parents probably didn’t have to deal with lifetime eligibility," Rubin says.

As of the 2017-2018 award year, students are also eligible to receive a summer Pell Grant award, known sometimes as year-round Pell. As long as the lifetime eligibility limit has not been reached, a student can receive up to 150% of his or her scheduled award in a given award year.”

“ Pell Grant funds are not taxable income. Experts say students should, however, be aware that withdrawing from courses or changing enrollment status after a Pell Grant award has been disbursed may have tax implications and may require students to repay their award.”

You can get through this. You’re in a nursing program? Go see whoever handles accommodations and advising for your program. Bring your medical records. You might be able to finish the academics on your own, but the clinical content will have to be re-done.

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Bought 100 pair of compression socks?? Those are expensive! They typically cost a minimum of $10/pr!!

Are you attending a summer semester? Winter or spring semester would typically have ended in May or so. How did you do in that semester? Do you need to attend a summer session?


I’m under the impression that the OP just began a nursing program at a 4 yr state college, after an extended stay in community college. OP - if you have trouble being on your feet, nursing might not be the best choice for you. After you get your degree, you could probably find employment that doesn’t require so much being on your feet, but nursing school does require a lot of time on your feet, plus more physical exertion/strength related to direct patient care.

I am going to assume the OP meant 10 pair, not 100. Or he only does laundry every 3 or 4 months. But glad they are helping you, OP.

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100 pairs, I got the credit limit to afford them :slight_smile:

Yes 100, pricey doesn’t matter make them $50 I’d still buy them.

My feet are not the issue, it’s just getting close to sick human’s. I should have never took my mask off at work that’s how I got sick.

I guess I’m going to have to leave my mask on forever when I enter a workplace, only way to prevent me from getting sick.

You need to have a job that you can WFH, and elevate your feet. Problems solved

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Why does anyone need 100 or so compression socks? If you are a Pell grant recipient, there are better ways to budget.


I am pretty sure that is part of most nurses job descriptions. Feel better.

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Aren’t they washable? And if so, wouldn’t a week or two supply with washing them be easier on your budget and on your storage?


My daughter is a surgeon that is on her feet 12+ hours a day. She has probably 5, good quality pairs of compression socks. So…… fill in the blanks


So you’re getting a Pell Grant that is roughly about $5-$6K and you don’t care about spending this on socks?
Were you truthful on your FAFSA?


And everyone here thinks this is a real post :rofl:… Credit limit for 100 pairs of compressions socks??



Where do you live? And with whom. Who is supporting you?

Do you still have some sort of job?