(my first) chance me for upenn ED! :)

<p>I applied to ED to CAS on November 3rd, and while I wait, I wanted to ease a bit of nervousness and ask for you CC'er's opinions! :D Thanks so much in advance!</p>

<p>White male
GPA: 3.8/3.92 (weighted: 4.2/4.25)
Rank: 4/150
Math: 800, CR: 710, WR: 760 (10): 2270
Math IIC: 800, Physics: 800, World History: 740
ACT: 35 =)</p>

<p>AP: Calc BC (5, subscore 5), Physics B - 5, Physics C (electric), Stat (4) :( - 5, World History (4)</p>

<p>Senior Course Load: pretty rigorous</p>

<p>Competition: AMC 10 (school winner - grade 9: 122, grade 10: 136, AIME qualified), AMC 12 (school winner - grade 11: 132), State Math Olympiad (2nd overall - 2011), 7th in 2010, Regional Robotics Competition - 2nd place - 2011</p>

<p>ECs: I am writing a book of math problems for SAT I =D and have written, and published a math workbook for grade 10 math. Other than that, I just volunteer at peer tutoring services, and try my best to spread the love of math!</p>

<p>Hopeful Majors: Math and Physics</p>

<p>Recommendations: I have no idea, but I would guess it's good because I had been friends with the teacher for around 8 years now! Counselor: i think she knows me by my math abilities</p>

<p>Essays: common app: I wrote about my passion for math (it was about a problem I couldn't solve for 2 days, and I spent a whole notebook trying to get it, but to no avail)</p>

<p>WHY Upenn: ok i guess (i put a mathematical equation that demonstrates my love for penn ;)</p>

<p>day-to-day: i actually talked about the fact that whenever I am walking by or I am looking at things, I mathematically calculate distance, work, etc...</p>

<p>I just hope that I get accepted! I know there are other great universities other than upenn, but I want to get in here! =)</p>

<p>Thanks so much for your chances!!!</p>

<p>I think you’ll get in.</p>

<p>This is probably the hardest call I’ve ever made on a chance me thread. I really hope you get in as I applied ED and given your interests I feel as though we could be really amazing friends! If you have legacy that you forgot to mention, I think you are a 80% lock. I you don’t it is pretty difficult to chance you because although it’s clear that you love math, it seems that all yours essays say the same thing; this could be a fault. Again, this is not to say you won’t get in, and if it was up to me you would be a definite admit, as I think I know exactly how you think? Where are you in your mathematical studies? Have you taken Linear Algebra or Multivariable Calculus? If your curious of my background I have a 2100 (620 CR, 800 M, 680 W) (800 M2C, 720 Physics) but I am also a double legacy currently in Multivariable who took Linear Algebra. I kept my essays very diversified and only really focused on math in the Introduce Yourself to Penn essay. Having said that even in that essay I did my best to show there is more to me than math. Anyways, please let me know if you get in, because I would love to potentially work on some problem sets with you. Lastly given that you came here for a chance I’d say with legacy (75-80%) without (40-45%).</p>

<p>GOOD LUCK!!!</p>

<p>@upennhopeful2016, just make sure that the math essay correlates to your life outside of math somehow (unless you’re advocating that math IS your life, in which case, that may be alright). EC’s are a bit light, it helps to have something majorly distinguishing…writing questions for an SAT 1 book is very interesting. People should start posting which high school (public/private, if private, which) they go to–it really, REALLY helps to know that. Kids at, say, Andover aren’t direct competition against students at West Hillbilly High, per se. Do you have some event/experience in life that Penn is privy to that sets you apart from many others? (I’m sure you did SOMETHING! Think really hard and deep about that, those experiences are a huge help with admissions.) Your scores are past an acceptable threshold, I wouldn’t worry about those. Kids who don’t get in with scores like yours are lacking other things that Penn would like to see. Sure, admission to Penn is competitive, but if you can make a case for yourself, Penn is very forgiving (though they have no reason to be in your case, nor should you worry about that).</p>

<p>You seem like a really cool person, and just by reading your chance thread I can hear the passion for math. I think you’ve got a great shot, given your talent and interest in mathematics. I wish you the very best!</p>

<p>If upennhopeful is passionate about math, there is nothing wrong that he wrote his essays on it. Penn wants to see a real person, not something groomed for college admissions.</p>