My First "Chance Me"

<p>Here it goes. Cornell, Boston College, Rutgers, Lehigh, NYU, Boston University, Tufts, Brandeis, Rochester. If I cannot get into these schools, can anyone give me suggestions? Also, can you indicate whether I would receive some aid based on merit in some of these schools? Thankssssss. :)</p>

<p>-4.2145 GPA and 1st Decile
I had only one honors class freshmen year because the school did not allow me to take them. I did not have pre-requiste classes. In sophmore and junior year, I had two APs in total. All rest honors except language courses because no honors class for those.
-Senior year - 3 APs
-AP - US History and World History both 4
-SAT II - US History 740 Biology E 700
-SAT I - 660/660/710 then 730/670/660. I expect to get 2200 next time.
-Community service - about 200-225 hours.
-Community service/ extra curricular - Baseball for 12 years, Worked at hospital (work limited b/c swine made volunteers ineligible to help), Marching Band/Honors Wind Ensemble 4 years and captain two years, AWANA leader for year and a half, Looked after kids in elementart school, Theatre/Lights Crew for 3 years, Key Club 3 Years, Few Food Drives, Helped at miscellaneous events at school
-Asian Male, My parents did not go to college here</p>

<p>Do these schools also cover for your financial needs if i desperately need it?</p>

<p>A lot of these schools have notoriously bad financial aid programs so if that's an issue, I consider looking at schools like Swarthmore with renound FA packages!</p>

<p>As for chances, I'd say those are all match schools with the exception as Tufts and Cornell as reaches. And BC and Rochtester as safeties. Nice work!</p>


<p>BU is a match, though I want to say safety really badly. Baseball for 12 years is impressive. Cornell will be a reach BUT...ED could help you; BC is a low reach. I'm not too sure about the others, though. Like elbeeen said, these schools are not known for their aid.</p>

<p>I have a few edits. I won the National Cum Laude Award for Latin 1 this year. I was also on the Honor Roll all three years and expect to be on it again. Also, Band and Wind Ensemble is different. Wind ensemble is for musicians who have more experience and skill playing their instruments.</p>

<p>Also, elbeeen, shouldn't BC and Rochester be more of a mathch and BU be more of a safety? Also, are the extra curriculars I have considered "little." I know its not much but is this enough? </p>

<p>Also does anybody know if naviance is accurate. I checked the scatter plots and it seems like the avg sat and gpas for colleges are really high. For example, the avg gpa and sat for rutgers in my school is 2070 and 3.88. Seems really high knowing that I know kids with 1700s and GPAs around 3 that got in. Most are like that</p>

<p>Might look at Holy Cross-very good school 1 hour from Boston. Holy Cross(don't have to be religious) is a Jesuit school same as Boston College. HC has great campus and is need blind for financial aid(same as Ivies).</p>

<p>As far as i know, BC is need blind as well. Can someone chance these schools?</p>


<p>Cornell REACH
Boston College SLIGHT REACH
Rutgers Safety
Lehigh MATCH
Boston University MATCH
Rochester MATCH</p>


I expect to get 2200 next time.


How realistic is this, given you've yet to break 2100?
I think you just need to focus on getting your middle score up just past the 700 point.
That will give you a superscored 700+ on all three sections (this is a somewhat "magic number" that you need to hit), that plus your top 10% rank would make you a viable candidate for ANY school.</p>