My first "Chance Me"!

<p>UMich (EA), NYU Stern, Emory, and BC</p>

<p>i live in atlanta, GA
VERY competitive high school
3.67 gpa
SAT: CR- 670 MATH- 760 WR- 670 (2100)</p>

<p>AP's taken so far:
World history, Physics B, Calc AB, and Language Arts
AP's that i will take next year
Microecon and macroecon, statistics, biology, and psychology</p>

-freshman, jv, and varsity basketball. i will also try out for varsity next year.
-vice pres of chamber music society
-pres of rotary club
-300+ hours of tutoring at Atlanta Union Missions (AUM), and counting
-Church youth group leader
-national honor society, national beta, FBLA
-Admitted to All-State Orchestra all three years of high school
-i also have partaken in outside orchestras such as Ludwig Symphony and Atlanta Youth Symphony</p>

<p>i have a couple more EC's.. but thats the gist. chances? thanks!</p>

<p>Most likely acceptance at UMichigan.</p>