My friend is thinking of becoming a Dr. but she's still terrified of blood and other stuff what can she do?

She has double Honors Degree in the Bachelor of Sciences, specifically both Chemistry and Biology.

But cannot stand the sight of blood, or if a body is ready for surgery. She cannot look at live internal body organs, she will pass out easily or start to shake and become frightened.

I remember she told me, she shadowed a mortician and blacked out from what she saw, let alone removal of body organs.

If a person is like this, there’s no way for them to pursue that path, they wished?

For me this stuff doesn’t bother me, my mind and stomach are made of iron. You have to have a strong stomach for this type of stuff.

Seriously, you are going to post this after asking about med school and getting sincere advice from many posters? What does your friends fear have to do with you?

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This new thread is not about me now, it’s for my friend. I have tried to help her but still is the same.

Terms of Service on CC state you can’t ask questions for others.Have your friend create their own account.

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Desensitization therapy.

It works for most people. If she’s serious about medical school, she needs to find a counselor or therapist who will work with her on her fears.

If she can’t overcome them, then she will be disqualified from medical school.

Closing thread. If your friend wants to ask questions, they need to make their own account

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