My friend left Milton for Davidson Academy in Reno

<p>I have a friend going there. Apparently it is a school for geniuses (very high iqs) and the ages vary from 12-18. My question is this, since my friend would otherwise be a senior (they group by performance not grade) what does this mean for college admissions. He left Milton Academy to come here for his senior year. Apparently they say most kids go to university of Reno afterwards, but I am not sure if that is the only path. I do think its kind of strange though, considering he couldn't break 1950 on the SAts and his grades were not even top 15% that he goes to school where 12 year olds take Calculus, but if anyone knows anything about the school and what it means for college, I would love to know. This school is not boarding and is relatively knew, but I couldn't find where else to post this and I figured you guys may know some stuff about it.</p>