My friends Chances ED?

<p>Here are his stats (he doesn't want me to post this, but I'm doing it anyway):</p>

<p>1/317 Class Rank
4.22 GPA (out of A+ = 4.33 scale no weighted listed on report cards weighted only for class rank)
1530 (800m 730v) SAT 1
790 Math IIC
740 Writing (retook in november no scores yet)
680 Physics (no studying, retook in November with 4 months studying definite 800)
660 French Reading (This is just a suplemental one, probably retake in June to try to get out of language requirement)
AP Scores:
-4 AP European History
-5 AP Calculus AB</p>

<p>Major Hoook EC:
Trumpet Beast:
-PA All State Jazz Band (Could have been in band, wind ensemble, or orchestra, but chose Jazz Band) 11
-Probable All East Band 12
-Bravo Brass Ensemble: 11, 12
-Delaware County Youth Orchestra: 11, 12
-District Band: 10 11
-Region Band: 10 11
-District Orchestra: 11
-Region Orchestra: 11
-All Delco Big Band: 10
-Entering National Trumpet Competition 12
-School Jazzband, orchestra, marching band etc. 9 10 11 12
-Stage Musician in 10th grade school musical</p>

<p>Academic ECs:
-President History Honor Society: 12
-Mu Alpha Theta: 12
-French Honor Society: 10 11
-Physics Olympics: 11 12
-Science Olympiad: 10
-Model U.N.
-World Affairs Council Student Steering Comittee
-World Affairs Council Seminar on Israel</p>

-Harvard Book Award 11
-National Merit Scholar Commended 12
-Academic Excellence Award 9 10 11 12
-District French Contest 1st Place 9 10 11
-National French Contest 8th Place in Region
-1st Place Dynamic Planet Region Science Olympiad
-Eagle Scout</p>

<p>Community Service:
-Eagle Scout project and boy scouts
-Volunteering at Mentally Challenged Home
-Band parades, football games etc</p>

<p>Work Experience:
-McDonald's for a summer</p>

<p>Summer Activities:
-Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week
-Eastman Music Camp</p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>

<p>Why are you even asking? If he did ED than that's that. Also, no one is a guaranteed in, but he has a decent chance at getting in. judging from his scores</p>

<p>Ivy league admissions are a crapshoot for pretty much everyone.</p>

<p>All your friend can do is hope and pray for the best like the rest of us.</p>