My God Kaplan sucks...

<p>I know making a thread about this is like beating a dead horse, but their books are so ludicrous that I just had to. </p>

<p>If any Kaplan book makers just happen to read this message, I can only advise one thing; LEARN TO CHECK FOR TYPOS IN YOUR GOD FORSAKEN BOOKS!!</p>

<p>Oh sure, if they misspell "the" with "teh", I wouldn't mind. But swapping answer choices (I know I'm going to get condemned for this...) on their practices tests is just unforgivable. I think I wasted a total of 4 hours due to their errors. I'm throwing this piece of crap away as soon as I can get to Border's.</p>

<p>I've also noticed this with Barron's, but it's not as bad as Kaplan's.</p>

<p>yeah, kaplan's is definitely the worst SAT prep book out of Princeton Review/Barron's/Kaplan.</p>

<p>most definitely. its questions range from the accurate to the ridiculously easy to the terribly-worded and awkward to the downright incorrect.</p>

I used Kaplan for my first SAT.</p>

<p>Hahahaha. I love when they make typos. </p>

<p>Sparknotes forgot to put images on their US History tests. And Barrons had question numbers .. but no questions. Hmmm. I wonder how they got past the whole publishing sector of their office.</p>

<p>Sparknotes SAT II review books are riddled with errors. :&lt;/p>

<p>But they're still good. :)</p>

<p>the 2400 book is fineeeeeeee</p>