My Grades are TERRIBLE!

<p>Hey guys,</p>

<p>My previous 2 years in college were terrible, I practiced poor study habits, I partied way too much and at the wrong time, and now I'm suffering for it. I just can't seem to focus when I need to. My current GPA is 2.1 and I'm embarrassed. I did some soul searching and I'v made a conscious decision to raise my GPA up so I could go to medical school. I really need help or tips on how to raise my GPA and is it possible to do it with 2 years left of college and still get accepted. Also whats a good way to get experience in hospitals? is voluntary work counted as experience? Lastly I really want to work in a hospital but if being a doctor/physician does not work are there any good hospital jobs that are health/medical related.</p>