My high school administration rejected my club proposal?

So after my sponsor teacher submitted my club proposal to administration, they rejected it. I put a lot of effort into trying to develop and create this club, by getting people interested, my ideas down, contacting centers in my community, getting a sponsor. Thus, I will feel really dejected if I will never be able to create it. How do I create it without the help of my high school (as in, is it possible to create one without affiliation with the school)?

What sort of club is it? What reason did the administration provide for rejecting it?

If it’s the sort of thing where the club would be a branch of a state or national organization, you might run into a lot of problems. On the other hand, if it’s not, you’d likely be able to figure something out. What size club are you targeting for? A self-created club would take more work (e.g., finding meeting places and interested people) but could end up being really cool.

I’ll add, if it’s a club that’s likely to die the minute you graduate, the administration will have little interest in it.

I actually just had a meeting with the principal and apparently there was a miscommunication in my proposals from my sponsor. So I clarified everything and it got approved! Thanks for answering though! @skieurope‌ @pseudoprimal‌