My high school career path is not the same as my college path.

I am currently a high schooler at a medically affiliated school, Health Careers HS, but I wish to study law and politics in college and have an area in that field. My school right now requires me to take 2 Health and Medical related classes each year. Does taking these classes and my school itself, lower my chances of getting admitted into a top tier university?

I do not think that there is a problem here at all.

One daughter said to me when she was towards the beginning of high school that she was concerned that her friends all knew what they want to be when they grow up, and she did not know. I told her that indeed her friends do know what they will want to be. Six months from now they will still know what they want to be, but it will be something different. A year later they will have yet another idea what they want to be when they are adults.

Most students change their major at some point after they arrive at university.

Also, you can get your bachelor’s degree in almost anything and go to law school. I know lawyers who got their degrees in engineering or computer science. They still went to law school and are doing well now as lawyers.

You have plenty of time to figure this out.

I think that the top tier universities will probably like the rigor associated with health and medical related classes, even if you intend to major in something else.

As long as you have taken a core academic curriculum that is rigorous. The health/medical classes would be considered electives. I see you’ve tagged some tippy top schools. What grade are you in? What is your HS GPA? What courses have you taken or are you planning to take that are core academic courses? If you’ve taken the SAT or ACT, what was your score?

If I googled the correct school, it looks like your school is not a vocational school (has AP level classes). That is good. Vocational HSs have a purpose, but getting students into top colleges is not one of them. As stated above, now it is up to what you can/ have done.