My hs counselor won't fill the Common App

i’m applying as an international freshman for the class of 2025 but i’m having great difficulties in the application process relating to my school.

my counselor refuses to fill the Common App. She said the school is not allowed to provide the information required and she does not want to complete my profile. As this is an important part of my application, I’m worried I won’t be able to apply. Is there anything I can do to make it possible?

Well, you are supposed to fill in the common app, not your counselor. You will have to request your transcripts and your teacher recommendations yourself and submit them as part of your application. But first, I suggest going to the principal or head of your school and explaining what components of the app the school is supposed to provide. Hopefully that will make it possible for them to assist you.

Here’s a page on common app that gives information about how to submit a paper version of the app. You might have to do this. Good luck.

The school counselor does not fill out the common app, the student does. The counselor is supposed to submit a letter of recommendation. Are you saying that your counselor won’t fill out the LOR? If that’s the case, maybe you can talk to your principal (the head school administrator) to see if she can direct her to do it, or to see if maybe do it herself. Has anyone applied to the US from your school before? They must have gotten the counselor LOR somehow.

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she won’t fill the recommendation, the school profile or my fee waiver and early decision agreement. i have already filled my part of the common app.

You need to go above the counselor.