My idea for the essay

<p>Being inspired by two particular video games, and how they've made an impact on me. I know it sounds stupid, but the two majors I've been interested in stemmed from these two particular games.</p>

<p>I'll mention that I was influenced by SimCity 3000 at an early age, which got me interested in Architecture, though I don't want to mention the other one just yet :D.</p>

<p>Thoughts? Would it seem too laid back for the Common App essay?</p>

<p>doing the simcity 3000 -> architecture major is a great topic. very unusual and unique, write it well and you will stand out. =)</p>

<p>For one of my UC personal statements, I wrote about a board game, so a video game doesn't seem that much more unusual.</p>

<p>Thanks :) Any other opinions?</p>

<p>I think that's good. The more bizarre it seems to you, the more likely the admissions people will love it. I wrote my essay about how my muse, when I'm writing, is pretty much a pain in the ass. Colleges and universities love unique essays that help them learn something about you - an essay about why you want to do the major you're interested in is exactly the kind of thing they'll love. Good luck!</p>