My interview is being held really late...?

<p>I was just contacted to do an interview via Skype yesterday, and it’s happening tonight in around an hour and a half…I was just bumbling around and finding out stuff about Brown’s interview process and I saw on the thread about the interviews that the regular decision interview is due by February 15th?? It’s the 17th now, I wasn’t even contacted until the 16th…and my contact lives across the country from me, which also seems a little weird…should I be concerned? I’m not going to bring it up during the interview, but is there anything I need to do? The college won’t consider me worse for having a late interview that I had no control over, will they?</p>

<p>no, odds are someone was assigned to you and didn’t do it and now the alumni interviewing program scrambled and found this interviewer to do it via Skype.</p>

<p>Okay that’s a relief…thanks!</p>



<p>No. Of course not. Just the idea is absurd. Let’s just hope the alum submits his write-up quickly!</p>

<p>I was also contacted just yesterday and have my interview in a few days. My interviewer said the deadline is coming up fast so it had to e soon. I assume they are not that strict when they say February 15th and it is not your fault if your interview is being conducted this late (doesn’t have to be your interviewer’a fault either). </p>

<p>Mine was today. :)</p>

<p>Son had late 2 late ivy interviews, both by phone at night. He was accepted to both schools, one of which is Brown.</p>

<p>Mine is this Friday, was contacted yesterday.</p>