My journey so far in college

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Forgive me if I made an English error, English is my first language :slight_smile:

In the older threads, I was doing a lot of shopping and comparison between careers and degrees.

At the moment I’m currently not interested in working for now. I had this plan once I sign up for a Uni, I want to get a feel of the lifestyle and the pros and cons before working. Once I build that experience, I can start working temporarily until I get my BS degree.

I keep having this thought in my head “why should I work for you” “working for someone else” theory. Maybe I finish my degrees all the way and then decide my dreams.

It’s a good thing I asked questions in the past. Cause a Physics, Associate in Science, wouldn’t mean anything since I already met the merits for that degree and have taken higher courses at my CC. I’ve done a degree audit and it won’t let me pursue that degree due to the course difference.

Also do not say “talk to an advisor” I have spoken to one multiple times. They told me to follow my degree audit and make sure the courses match with the current degree I’m pursuing.

It doesn’t make logical sense to make an appointment with an advisor and tell me what I already know, that’s a waste of time. They could use that time to help a new student who’s new to the college and doesn’t know which courses to take.

I have studied the course codes very well in my free time and memorized them.
Such as in order to take General Chemistry 1 you need to pass College Algebra, English 101, and Basic Chemistry 1 to be eligible for Gen Chem 1, those are the rules imposed for that certain college, other colleges have different rules, etc.

I enrolled in the AES degree since, chemistry, math, and physics fascinate me.

So far in

Summer 21 I’ve taken

Physics 1 - Mechanics & Wave Motion
Calculus 2

Fall 21 I’m currently taking

Physics 2 - Electricity & Magnetism
Linear Algebra
Calculus 3
General Chemistry 1
Differential Equations

I’m still thinking of what BS degree to pursue.

What exactly is your question? You seem to know all the answers. Not sure what feedback you are looking for.


Thank you for the update, I guess?

Is an AES Assoc Engineering Sciences? Your previous threads indicated a very strong desire to work in a health related field (dental hygienist, dentist???) Has that changed?

Your approach to education and career goals is quite unusual. Typically one determines a career goal then bases education plans with that in mind. You seem to randomly choose classes at your community college then try to fit next steps at a 4 year college (what degree are you working toward??) and a career (what career?) around those CC classes.

Your approach is even more confusing because your Pell eligibility will most likely run out before you even get to a 4 year college.

ETA: I have no advice to offer because (1) you aren’t asking for advice and (2) my advice hasn’t changed from what I said a couple months ago.


Everytime I would post a thread, users would say speak to an advisor :slight_smile:

Yes AES means Associate in Engineering Science.

Money is not an issue there are courses I want to pay out of pocket.
I’m still thinking of what BS degree I want to pursue.

I was very happy and had goals to work as a RDH but than I thought, why should I work for a Dentist, when I can just continue and pursue something higher.

I still have interest in health care, but maybe a BS in Biology since most courses can transfer to that degree and if I were to take Gen Chem 1 at a Uni that would be pricey at CC it’s much cheaper, for 5 credit hours for Gen Chem 1 costs $730.

Sounds good. Keep us updated in December as to how you did and what you’re doing next.

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Thank you for the response. Good luck with your classes!

What are your career goals with a BS in Biology? Is it logical to get an AES if your goal is a BS in Biology (rather than something in the engineering field?) Sincere questions.

I won’t say talk to an advisor. I will say (as I did several months ago) to work with the career services office to figure out “what you want to be when you grow up.” Based on that career goal, choose a major and select classes at your CC (and at a 4-year college) to meet those degree requirements.

I do like something in Engineering and Biology, those can be fused. Maybe having two part-time jobs one in Biology and one in Engineering was just an idea I had. But first, let me get the BS degree and then choose a career I wish.

You’re welcome I do like a mix of chemistry, physics, and math that’s another good combo.

I suggest you consider your own words back in March…
“This path seems very long and tiring.” And yet it seems to be the path you have chosen. I hope you will revisit your past threads and consider the advice given.

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That was in the past. But now it’s all about flexing :slight_smile: I was under a lot of stress during that time frame of my semester when I was pursuing my AGS degree.

You say money is not an issue, yet you are Pell eligible. How are you going to pay tuition once your Pell is used up?


Money is not an issue, I won’t use my Pell for the courses I wish to seek.

I’ve crunched up the numbers very well and know my Pell will run out once I get my BS degree.

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Agree with @CottonTales.
You only get a max of 12 semesters of funding. That’s it. Then your Pell runs out.
If you qualified for Pell, this means you are lower in income.

A university is expensive. Tuition and fees are expensive. In most cases, your Pell wont begin to cover the full cost of attendance at a university.

If you are taking your time at the CC, picking and choosing extra classes that you want on your “record” your Pell will run out as will your chance to transfer to a university which may have limits on units for transfer.

If you can pay your fees at your CC for “30” classes then your Registrar may wonder how you, as a low-income student, can qualify for a Pell when money is not an issue:


I meant I will pay out of pocket for my BS degree courses. I got to learn how to be specific and add more details to my sentences.

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Typically, at a university, you usually don’t pay by the course.
You pay by semester or quarter and it depends on the number of units. You don’t apply for admission to just take 1-2 courses a semester.

Something you haven’t grasped yet: The universities pick and choose who they want. You can apply, but they don’t have to accept you. If your lackadaisical method of taking courses, at the CC, for your own purposes, doesn’t jell with what they are looking for in a student, you wont get in and they will reject you. They do not have to admit you.

A university’s tuition and fees are nothing close to what you are paying for a Community college.

If you plan to be in a full time program, at a legitimate college or university, expect your costs to run from $40K to $60K per year, depending on the university.

Public universities, in your home state are generally less expensive. Again, they choose you, you don’t get to have a say on whether or not they admit you.


I know public universities are cheaper than private. I would never go for private waste of money.

No worries, I got a good transfer rate. If I want to pursue a BS I can apply and try to see if they accept me. I always stay positive from now.

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Oh, I didn’t mean I would take two semesters and vanish and back later.

I’m thinking of going full-time all the way to finish quicker.

Great, but what is your plan to pay for this?

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