My Junior Schedule

<p>This are the classes I'm tentatively taking junior year:</p>

<p>Honors English III
Honors Government
Honors French III
Anatomy and Physiology
Modern Algebra 2
Math Enrichment (required)
Broadcast Journalism
Graphic Communications I</p>

<p>I have a few questions...</p>

<p>Of the available sciences, we have the option to choose from Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, Plan Biology, Forestry and Wildlife, Astronomy, and AP Biology. </p>

<p>I hated Biology and did pretty badly in it so I'm not going to continue with it. I'm wondering if I should opt out of A&P and go with either Honors Chemistry or Honors Physics? The thing is, though... I hate math. I have to REALLY study hard to even manage an A in math, so I feel like with either Chem or Physics, I would be overworking myself. Thoughts? Will colleges understand this?</p>

<p>Also, there are two other available AP classes (yeah, there really are only two AP's available to juniors...) which are AP US History and AP World History. I got an A in both Honors US and World History when I took them, so I'm definitely eligible. Should I take one? What do you suggest I replace it with? And should I take US or World? My parents don't think I should, but I really think I should have at least 1 AP during junior year, right?</p>

<p>Even though I did good in it, I also didn't really like biology. Chemistry was more interesting but some of the math parts like the stoichiometry chapter were killer. Not so much hard, but so overly time consuming; our chapter test was only 15 questions long.
I'm a B student, so for reference: I got a B in both semesters of Bio, and 1 C and 1 B in Chem.</p>

<p>Both APUSH and AP World are phenominal courses, so switch out one of the last 3 if you really want to take one of these.</p>

<p>I would consider honors chemistry because physics is defo more math based than chemistry. I prefer APUSH > AP world history because even though it is more time consuming, most college would accept it as college credits and the ap test is defo manageable if u buckle down, APUSH would replace psycology b/c it is easy and would look bad especially since it is not AP (AP psch is easy lol) if you are able to handle ur two math classes I would take AP world history over graphic communication I because having the I near graphic communication in a junior schedule would look bad for you</p>

<p>Well the thing is I need one computer class in order to graduate (which Graphics would be), plus as a prospective film production major, would Graphic Communications look good on my application? Or would APUSH look better?</p>

<p>And if I kept my Anatomy and Physiology, would that be a bad thing? Or would colleges prefer if I take Honors Physics or Honors Chem?</p>

<p>I would try to take Graphic communications during the summer time or senior year since it is required and it would look good if you have it since u wanna major in film production. I would really suggest that you take APUSH because u might get college credit and you be able to take classes that you liked based on your major. You can either do AP world history by replacing pyschology or replace graphic communication with pyschology. I think it won't be a good thing if you take anatomy and physiology because 1) it could be just as hard honor chemistry b/c you had a hard take with biology 2) it is not AP or honor 3) feels like you gonig to receive a lot of homework than you really need to have
When i took honors chem, it wasnt math based like i thought it would be. If you have a good memory and decent at looking at math word problems and be able to do it, then you going to do fine. There aren't really a lot of hw but labs might consume your time</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice bri1hv. So you're saying Honors Chem would look better than A&P? Honestly, how math based is it and is it more algebra? Because I do better in geometry haha. Is Physics a lot more math based than Chem? Could you, like, compare Chem to math-related classes I may have already taken? Haha sorry for the questions.</p>

<p>Chemistry uses the logic of geometry and there's some similarites to geometric proofs, but it's mostly the math of algebra. Physics is entirely Algebra based, almost all of it is math.</p>

<p>Out of Physics and Chemistry then, which is easier? And which would look better for college admissions?</p>


<p>I'm a bit new here, but I would like to ask the same thing. Can somebody give me a comment or two on what they think of my schedule? Is it too demanding, not demanding enough, or what? I'm going to be a Junior this year, and I have been a 4.0 student for a while. Just want an opinion or two.. :)</p>

<p>Concert Choir
Analysis of the Broadway Musical (Just an Acting Class)
AP US History
AP English Literature
Trigonometry (Pre-Calculus)
Spanish III
Chemistry I
Life Planning</p>

<p>Anything I should know? :)</p>

<p>Yes, broadway musicals are epic phenominal performance experiences, but try taking a class on some more Avant-Gardge theater too if your school offers it. You have to look into the underground plays to find the best ones.</p>

<p>As for the other stuff, the 2 AP's go great together (in fact at my school they're team taught). Trig, spanish, chem, and I'm guessing that last one's a grad req (Forgive me if it isn't)? Sounds pretty good! Chemistry I is 75% conceptual and 25% math, and some of the math is pretty hard too, so just be aware.</p>