my list of classes

<p>to transfer from a CC to hopefully a CSU. I know it's really long, but I just decided to make it on my spare time and share it. I'm majoring in Business Administration at Cosumnes River College. I pretty much blew my placement test in math and one part of English so I have to start off low :( . Anyways, can I still transfer with that many units and if I do get transferred would I be place as a Upper division junior level since I'm estimating that it will take me til fall of '13 to get done with both major and GE at a CC. Also I would have to wait until fall of '14 before I can apply right?</p>

<p>Year One Plan: 2011-12
First Semester (Fall): Units:
MATH: 100 or 102? 5 or 3 units </p>

<p>ENGWR: 101 3 units</p>

<p>ARTH: 328 3 units</p>

<p>ASTR: 300 3 units</p>

<p>BIOL: 300 3 unit</p>

<p>Total 16/18 units (9 GE units)</p>

<p>Second Semester (Spring): Units:</p>

<p>ENGWR: 300 3 units</p>

<p>COMM: 301 3 units</p>

<p>PHIL: 300 3 units</p>

<p>MATH: 120 5 units</p>

<p>HIST: 301 3 units</p>

<p>Total 17 units (12 GE units) </p>

<p>*Will be completed with A from A-E for GE Prerequisites.
CRC</a> College Catalog: CSU Transfer GE
Total unit completed for year one will be 33/35 units (21 GE units). </p>

<p>Year Two Plan: 2012-13</p>

<p>First Semester (Fall): Units:</p>

<p>MATH: 300 3 units</p>

<p>HIST: 312,313 6 units</p>

<p>COMM: 321 3 units</p>

<p>Arch: 310 3 units</p>

<p>Total 15 units (GE)</p>

<p>*Will complete B, D & E from A-E of GE Prerequisites. </p>

<p>Second Semester (Spring): Units:</p>

<p>ARTH: 333 3 units</p>

<p>ACCT: 301 4 units</p>

<p>ACCT: 311 4 units</p>

<p>BUS: 340 3 units</p>

<p>BUS: 300 3 units</p>

<p>Total 17 units (3 GE units)</p>

<p>*Will complete CSU GE Prerequisites and starting major in BA.</p>

<p>Total unit complete by year two will be 65/67 units (39 GE units). </p>

<p>Year Three Plan: 2013</p>

<p>First Semester (Fall): Units:</p>

<p>CISC: 310 3 units</p>

<p>ECON: 302 3 units</p>

<p>ECON: 304 3 units</p>

<p>MATH: 341 4 units</p>

<p>STAT: 300 4 units</p>

<p>Total 17 units</p>

<p>*Will be completed with major.</p>

<p>Total unit complete by year three will be 82/84 units.</p>

<p>I suspect that the target (4-year) school will not allow all of these units to apply to your BA/BS degree requirements. Some of the MATH/ARITH courses may be considered high school level work. In that case you may have to start as a 3rd year, first semester student (a regular Junior), with 2 full years remaining for the BA/BS degree.</p>

<p>Go to the college websites to find application deadlines for Spring and Fall admissions. It appears to me that you'll want to apply in Fall 2013 or Spring 2014 (depending on deadlines) for transfer as a student entering in Fall 2014. You may be able to start a semester earlier (in Spring 2014), but that won't necessarily reduce the number of courses you need.</p>

<p>I suggest you go over your plan with a counsellor/administrator at your CC, one who is familiar with the detailed transfer requirements of the 4-year schools you are considering.</p>

<p>Use Welcome</a> to ASSIST to match up California community college courses with the equivalents at CSU and UC schools. It also has a list of freshman / sophomore courses for each major at each CSU and UC school, and the list of community college courses that match up to those courses. In some cases, you may have to check several community colleges in your area to find the course that matches up to the desired course at a CSU or UC school.</p>