My List So Far -- how is it

<p>Just to see how my list is so far...I'm looking for something more urban that rural with a strong International Relations or Political Science program.</p>

<p>-Georgetown SFS - EA
-Boston College - EA?
-Boston University
-Johns Hopkins
-George Washington - School of int'l affairs
-American University</p>

<p>GPA (W): 4.3; top 5%
Rank: 20/465
AP's: 4 -- US History/Government/English/World History
SAT: 1800 (first time, will retake in October); 600 SAT II - US History (will retake)
--Had bad case of mono for 3rd & 4th semesters of junior year including SAT's and AP Testing</p>

-Model UN (President & Chair - junior & senior year)
*Many collegiate-held conference awards (Outstanding Delegate, etc)
-Varsity Field Hockey; State Semi-Finalists
-Olympic Field Hockey Developmental Skills program
-National Honor Society
-Student Council - PR Rep
-Student Voice - Vice President
-French Honor Society
-Math Honor; Historical Honor; English Honor
-S.A.D.D.; trained mediator; peer outreach; tutoring autistic youth
-Five theater performances in-school

-Outstanding Teen - Next Step Magazine
-Selected as Outstanding Teen Leader/Scholar by Regional YWCA chapter
-HOBY Award Nominee
-Honors w/ Distinction all marking quarters
-Model UN Awards</p>

-Olympia Sports; year-and-a-half
-Currently a waitress = 30 hrs. a week
-Coach youth field hockey summer camp</p>

<p>-100+ hrs. of community service, etc</p>


<p>I disagree with KingLion (whose comment was probably sarcastic). Your SAT scores are holding you back, you have to improve them drastically to stand a fighting chance at those schools!</p>

<p>Good Luck</p>

<p>Your SAT scores are seriously lacking at almost all of the schools you are applying too. Almost all of those colleges have around a 2100 average, except maybe american and george washington. Such low scores and such a high GPA indicate grade inflation at your school, which colleges don't like. You are currently applying to 5, maybe 6 reaches and a high match.</p>

<p>UNH should be your safety in there. On that list you have no safety.</p>

<p>You look really well shouldn't have problem w/ most of them...but still present urself "correctly". :cool:</p>

<p>providing i can break a 2000...then how would you potentially rank them?</p>

<p>2000 won't cut it (but it'll help greatly). At least 2100, I would recommend breaking the 2250 barrier to be really competitive. Your SAT scores are what's holding you back!</p>

<p>hm 450 pts. how often does that happen? --any advice on boosting that score & any other areas aside from the testing that are a little weak?</p>


<p>Are you recruitable for fh?</p>

<p>^I think I can potentially be, although I would prefer not to play due to a developing knee injury and I'm afriad too much coursework/study abroad may interfere with training sessions...</p>

<p>also, about how much on average are scores raised w/ SAT tutors?</p>