My major

<p> Applied Math, Engineering, and Physics.
Do I need to contact someone there over the phone to schedule a meeting with an advisor specifically for this major?... or will they set it up at SOAR. I know that I can pick classes for my wishlist, but I don't know what classes I need.</p>

<p>I believe that you will be assigned an appropriate adviser at SOAR, but it would probably be helpful for you to make a contact in advance so you can work on your wishlist. If you have already taken the placement tests (in Spring if you are local) then you can see your test results in your MYUW account. This could help you with math placement, foreign language placement, and English course (whether or not you have tested out of the Comm A requirement) placement.</p>

<p>Where do I find my testing scores in myUW?</p>

<p>Choosing a major helps in assigning your SOAR advisor. You can change your major at any time- your choice of a major did not have anything to do with your UW admission.</p>