My mental illness affected my junior year grades. Advice?

<p>Junior year is finally coming to a close but I am very disappointed. Due to the fact that I suffered from depersonalization disorder, I recieved Bs for both semesters of my ap chemistry class. In addition, this term I also recieved and 83 and 88 in ap physics and ap history, respectively. However, I quickly visited a psychiatrist, was diagnosed with depersonalization, and was given an antidepressant which helped me immensely. As a result, this semester I earned a 95 in ap physics and a 92 in ap history. It upsets me that depersonalizition had to ruin my transcript as my sat score is lackluster ( 2030) :( My dream was always to go to Stanford or Yale but I feel that my chances are shattered. Before the question arises, I do have " hooks" as I am Hispanic and will be considered a first generation college student. I also have pretty solid ecs and have a passion for creative writing, which I will further pursue this summer at the writers institute in washington u st Louis. Could anyone please advise me on the most appropriate way to approach and handle my grade decline/ low sat issue?</p>

<p>SAT can be retaken. Grades can't, but they can be explained. So do that! In an essay or somewhere else, just be honest.</p>

<p>You should always use caution when trying to explain grades via mental illness. Think of Virginia Tech.</p>

<p>Thank you zentsuki. </p>

<p>@ erin's dad</p>

<p>yes! I know what you mean! See, I honestly wish this whole mental illness thing didn't happen as it just complicates things, especially in the application process. See, I'm not psychotic nor did I suffer from any dellusions of any sort but, due to the general public's ignorance of depersonalization disorder, one may get the wrong impression. I'm going to have to approach this prudently but exactly how could I go about it without sending the wrong message?</p>

<p>Do not mention any mental illness. Adcom are not health care professionals, all mental illnesses are something they are trained to avoid.</p>

<p>Maybe you can have your doctor write you a letter explaining that, if he can say the illness is no longer affecting you or something it'd be more credible.</p>

<p>Most transcripts reflect final grades, so it may look better than you think. Also, mental illness is a health issue and you may be able to be vague if you think you need to explain anything at all.</p>

<p>Drelnis is very right. Depersonalization is not Virginia Tech business, and a doctor would explain that very well while accounting for the grades.</p>

<p>Please get advice from qualified professionals-college counselors, etc. You'll get well meaning advice here from kids without a clue. There is no way you want to send a doctor's note on any mental health issue.</p>