My National Merit kid is a freshman at Alabama...feel free to ask questions

Because the on-campus meal plan is required now, does the Silver Plan allow for meals at all on campus retail locations? I have spent an hour trying to figure this out at their website?

seriously y’all - good questions – and if i were you, i’d get on facebook on the bama parents groups, and bama national merit parents groups. there are thousands of people just focused on bama there who can help! I will say, my son will be a junior next year. he is rooming off campus in an apartment with two NMF friends who do not in any way want to live on campus for a third year. I think that sentiment is pretty common the older they get! but for details, experiences, and all sorts of thoughts there’s like 14K in the bama parents groups; so so so specifically helpful. good luck!

That would be great if they let you join before your child has committed. :slight_smile:

Freshman are guaranteed on-campus. NMF sophomores and other upper class that have housing scholarships could have chosen to live in one of the 200 spaces in East Edge apartments which is off campus (across the street from the edge of campus). Other upper class students with guaranteed housing scholarships should get to live on campus unless the freshman numbers cause the school to rent out more rooms for them in off campus housing. I believe the situation is somewhat fluid but NMFs get housing that is arranged by the school per the terms of their scholarship. Typically it is 4 years.

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I have read the Honors scholarships stack with the NMF Scholarship. Is it just for travel and if not is there one for Merit? I realize that the other UA Scholarships do not stack and departmental’s do not stack. But I am told Honors Scholarships do.