My Odds at a Good UC

<p>I am going to apply(w/out TAG) for a couple UCs in the fall. I graduated High School a year early (but did horrible) , and will transfer within a year from a CCC. I was hoping that graduating and transferring early counts at ALL. yes?no? my gpa will be like a 3.1something. How do i look, for UCI and UCSC?</p>

<p>Is it too early to create an offcial Fall 2011 thread? I'm so eager to get out of this dump.</p>

<p>@ christian612:
I agree. I am getting tired of living at home. </p>

<p>@ nickmebep:
It depends on your intended major. If it is an impacted major, then your chances go down for UCI. I am not sure how UCSC would look at your GPA.</p>

<p>ummm.... guaranteed? because of TAG??? you do know about TAG, right???????</p>

<p>ps- get ready for a zillion "UCSC is sooo not a good UC" comments. welcome to CC, newbie.</p>


<p>Your best bet is to do the TAG/TAP agreement(s). You'll have such better chances. It's better to be stuck there for 3-4 years (I think anyway) than to try transferring with less than a 3.5 (your magic #). You need to have all your pre-reqs done and write an awesome personal statement. I'm guessing you're saying you had 3 years of HS and now 1 year of CCC when you transfer, or 2? I think unfortunately that Graduating early only looks good if your GPA looked good. The longer you're in college, the less those HS grades count. So stay where you are, get your TAG, your IGETC and transfer to a really stellar UC. I know it's maddening being stuck at home but it'll be more maddening being stuck at a school you don't want to necessarily be at if the UCs won't let you in. What major are you aiming for btw? That'll change the game a bit</p>

<p>Graduating/transferring early doesn't count for anything unless you include it in your personal statement in some compelling-woe-is-me-way (my stepmom died and i was left with my 5 year old triplet sisters that I had to feed so I couldn't finish my senior of hs yaddayaddayadda). They don't see your HS grades at all, it doesn't matter if you've been at CCC for 1 year or 10, Itachirumon.</p>

<p>And why are you assuming your GPA will be a 3.1? Isn't everyone supposed to grossly overestimate their future GPA?</p>


<p>Really, I knew they wouldn't really look at them after 2 (certainly not after 4) years, but I thought they'd still count some after just 1 because not enough time had gone by. Or maybe I misread the post that told me that (XD since I thought what you said is how it went initially but then read somewhere on here that sometimes it still does count)</p>

<p>40-70% for UCI if you have all/most of your prereqs done.
50-90% for UCSC.</p>

<p>•major = Psychology
•and i won't have enough classes or units at the time that i apply, so that's why i put without TAG. I don't want to be stuck at a CCC for a year taking classes that do not matter at all.</p>

<p>@ nickmebep:
If you don't have a minimum of 60 units, you won't be eligible to transfer. It seems like you will have a chance if you can complete a minimum of 60 units, since psychology is not an impacted major at UCI or UCSC.</p>

<p>You do technically send in your transcripts AFTER you're accepted and they don't count for anything. There is a foreign language requirement and if you want to satisfy it by doing 2 years of a language in hs, then they do use those transcripts to verify that you did 2 years with a C(C- I think) or better. But your HS grades do not matter at all.</p>

<p>A lot of people that apply for the UCs also apply to USC, and some other privates, which do take HS grades into consideration.</p>

<p>You don't need 60 units by the time you apply, you need 60 by the spring before you transfer. So you apply in the fall, you input the previous years grades, you finish that fall semester, you complete your winter update and put in those fall grades and your course schedule for spring, you start spring, you get accepted on the conditions of maintaining a 3.0 no Ds or Fs for that spring, you transfer. You could technically apply in fall with any amount of units, but good luck applying with "I took an English class this summer, I'm gonna take some more this fall, and then do 40 units this spring."</p>


<p>Yeah, I made the mistake of taking one semester in College and bombing (I needed the units, part of SBCC screwing me, and I misread that it was a go-at-your-own-pace class). So I'm retaking my foreign language req in the fall and knocking it out.</p>

<p>As long as you fulfill all the requirements... UCI and UCSC basically accepts all transfer applicants. Other than business admin at UCI, both schools are basically jokes to get into. Just make sure you complete most of your pre reqs and fulfill the credit requirement = easy acceptance.</p>