My Pace University MT Audition Experience LA

<p>Hi ya’ll! I wanted to write about my experience auditioning for Pace MT in Los Angeles since this was this first year there.</p>

<p>My audition started off really funny, actually. They told me I was going to dance first, so I went to go change out of my audition outfit and I messed up my nice hair style by putting it up in a bun, but when I went outside, they were all like “WE’RE SO SORRY YOU’RE SINGING FIRST,” but they were nice enough to put me last so I could go change again. :slight_smile: However, when I started getting prepared to go in, I received some shocking news about auditions. So, since Pace was my first college audition, I turned to these threads for help, which turned out to be a great outlet, but the advice I received on here turned out to not be the same for LA applicants. I had been told just to bring my sheet music and that would be fine, but then I found out that I had needed to bring something to play my music on. I was about to start freaking out, but they were so nice and sweet about it. They just told me to sing a capella, and said it was no big deal. Some other girls had made the same mistake, and they were so understanding about it. I went in, and I ended up singing both songs, but one of them had been different that what I wrote down I was going to sing, but she did not care. They asked me to do my monologue, which I expected, because I don’t have a lot of acting experience in my resume. I’m assuming it went well, because it was a comedic monologue and she thankfully laughed in all of the right places. :slight_smile: I went to change for the dance portion, and I then realized how small the group was! It was about 20 of us (and that was with a couple of walk-ins that had signed up the day of!), and they actually had to put us with some commercial dance applicants. Our audition was like their “warm up,” hahahaha. Rhonda Miller ended up auditioning us, and she was so sweet and hilarious. I thought it would be a long audition, because that’s what I read on here, but it ended up being an hour at most. It was just a short ballet and jazz combo, and then they asked the musical theatre applicants about their tap dance experience. Overall, it went really well, but it’s just very different from the NYC audition. I think because it’s their first year auditioning in LA, they were okay with making adjustments and were more understanding about little things. Everyone was so sweet, and it actually makes me wanna attend Pace even more. All I can do now is wait! :)</p>

<p>^^What she said. My D was in the same session as Jennifer and I just want to add that they were so amazingly kind! Pace was the only school in either L.A. or Chicago that we saw that had current students helping with the audition. And they were very pro-active about answering questions, talking a lot about their experiences and just generally encouraging the auditionees that it was going to be fine. I know people were still nervous, but those kids did their level best to reduce the anxiety level as much as they possibly could.</p>

<p>Pace was pretty much at the top of D's list to begin with, but this experience just solidified that position! Now we just have to wait...the hardest part by far!</p>

<p>I'm so sorry about you having to sing w/o any accompaniment. The answers to your question earlier about sheet music assumed you were auditioning on campus. It sounds like you did a terrific job, anyway! Good for you!</p>

<p>Tracyvp - I agree! The audition definitely made me want to attend Pace even more! And waiting is definitely the hardest part by far. However, since I heard the longer the wait the better the outcome, I hope we have to wait to hear until the very last moment! :)</p>

<p>Classicalbk - It's alright! Thank you so much! :) She actually told me I could come back the next day if I wanted to, but then the next moment she said she didn't think it would make a difference, so I hope that's true!</p>