My parents do not submit their tax returns for a

<p>My parents say that they submit their tax returns around April. However, my colleges require I send them the 2011 Tax Return copies by February 15th. What exactly am I to do?</p>

<p>When you are heading off as a freshman, unfortunately "us" parents have to get the taxes done early. After freshman year you have alittle more time, but generally you STILL have to get the taxes done before April 15. I guess it's a burden we parents have to bear if we want the kids to be considered for financial aid. The deadlines are ALWAYS posted on the college website. I never used to do ours until April....until I had kids in college. If you need financial aid, best to encourage your parents to get it together...the 15th is in 2 days!</p>

<p>Are your parents counting on you getting financial aid from your schools? You need to show them the website information about due dates for FAFSA, tax docs, etc. It would be horrible if you can't attend school just because you missed fin. aid. deadlines!</p>

<p> advice is the SAME as on the other thread you the colleges and ask THEM what will happen if you miss the deadlines.</p>

<p>And PaulyyK, note that some papers that allow you to finish your tax returns may not arrive until after February 15 due to a new law. That makes it impossible to finish your taxes by February 15. In that case, you file taxes with what you have, then file an amended return. However, there may be tax/money consequences to this I don't know about.</p>

<p>Just remember...any financial aid award you receive prior to submitting those 2011 tax returns if required by the college...will be ESTIMATES and will be subject to change when your tax return IS submitted to the school.</p>

<p>^ If your parents are holding off filing taxes due to not having the $ to pay right now, they don't have to pay until April (17th this year?), but they DO NEED TO FILE NOW!</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>That makes it impossible to finish your taxes by February 15.
Its true they don't have to mail forms out till tomorrow, but you should be able to look online or call to get the information needed.</p>

<p>It is critical you don't miss any financial aid deadlines particularly for freshman year.</p>