My Pell Grant

<p>I'm doing the whole online college thing to get my AAS Computer info tech and I have been award $5,000 for each semester but each semester only costs $3,770. I've been going to school for a year now and have yet to receive a check for the remaining amount of the grant. I really could use that extra money right now to help me pay for some of the books and equipment not included in my tution. Can anyone give me some advice on what I need to do to get the remaining money? </p>


<p>Pell Grants are not $5k per semester. The most a student can get for the regular school year is about $5500 total (split each semester). A student can get more for a summer session (I think).</p>

<p>If your school is year-round, then maybe you're getting the school year amount plus the summer amount????</p>

<p>The college authorizes the amount of aid to be disbursed as it relates to the cost of attendance. You'll never receive more than the cost of attending to pocket, especially with federal/state/institutional aid. Sorry</p>

<p>Mom2 is correct. The maximum Pell grant for 2010-2011 is $5550 (it was $5350 for 2009-2010). That is for the school year, not per semester. S for 2009-2010 the maximum amount of Pell per semester would be $2675 (assuming you have 0 EFC are enrolled full time). </p>

<p>This year, for the first time, there is additional Pell available for the summer ( though the rules are complicated) a so if you are enrolled in the summer you may be eligible for some pell based on hours enrolled.</p>

<p>pbell, unlike other awards, Pell is an entitlement. Also, the school likely has a calculated cost of attendance which is higher than the costs the OP is indicating. </p>

<p>OP, check your actual FA award and bills from this year and let us know what they say...the Pell amount you're quoting seems way too high. In any case, schools cannot distribute refunds of federal aid until around 10 days (I think) prior to the beginning of the semester. Some will not issue refunds for several weeks after classes start. You should call/email your FA dept to see what their policy is if it isn't listed on their website.</p>

<p>Why haven't you scheduled an appointment with your financial aid office? You need to go over all of your awards, get an explanation of how much you get when, and if there is more money allocated to you than you have received, an explanation as to why you have not gotten it. They are the ones who can direct you to your money if it is indeed owed to you.</p>

I agree that the Pell is a federal entitlement. But I still state that your EFC is going to dictate the Pell amount and when coupled with other aid, total aid received will never be more that the COA. Sorry for splitting hairs.</p>

<p>^Guess I'm not sure how that relates to the OP's question...books and supplies are normally part of the COA. Btw, what I was saying is that Pell is never reduced, even if it results in an overaward. So a student could receive scholarship and Pell funds in excess of COA since Pell cannot be reduced...probably rare that it occurs, but possible!</p>