My Percentiles Changed!

<p>This is really weird... I was, as usual, checking my SAT registration page for my SAT II score taken this month. However, I just noticed, today, that my percentiles changed. I got a 730 Literature SAT II... Which, when I got my score back in June, was in the 90th percentile. Now it is 89th! Not a big difference, but still, psycologically... Why did that happen?!</p>

<p>Mine changed too! Different test from like 2 years ago, but still! And mine went down 4 points, which is kind of big.</p>

<p>There's a little star by percentile and, if you look at what the star means, it is in reference to a certain class. For example, last year's percentiles were in reference to Class of 2003 while now they are in reference to Class of 2004. They always do percentiles based on "college bound seniors".</p>

<p>800 writing changed to 97th percentile (from 98th)
790 USH changed to 97th percentile (from 98th)</p>

<p>no way! So this year's seniors are "smarter" than last years?</p>

<p>Wait, on the back of my official report sent by collegeboard to my house it also says "compared to the class of 2003" </p>

<p>Correction: to my last post, "smarter than the seniors two years ago."</p>

<p>Mine changed, too! And for the most part, not for the better. My French percentile went from a 94 to a 93, Math IC from a 75 to a 76, Writing from a 74 to a 68 (ouch), and SAT I Math from a 94 to a 95.</p>

<p>ecnerwalc3321, I think it just means students are preparing more and more for the tests, not that they are getting smarter</p>

<p>my percentile changed to for SAT verbal.</p>

<p>I think it's just due to natural inflation.</p>

<p>yeah, that's my underlying meaning.:)</p>

<p>haha this is awesome</p>

<p>my german score went down SIX points and my math 2C by FOUR! Do colleges see or care about the changed percentiles??</p>

<p>they probably don't know what they were before, just what they are now</p>

<p>but didn't they receive the previous paper score report in the mail (which had the old percentiles on)?
does anybody know if percentiles matter at all anyway?</p>

<p>I don't think the percentiles really matter. All a lower percentile is saying is that this year's class is going to be more competitive. The only thing I see changing is that they give different scores to certain grades (like you get a 5 in testing at Duke if you have 1530+). I doubt that a percentile change of a few points would really influence admission.</p>

<p>Wait Duke gives out "5"s for a 1530+? What other cool facts do u know?</p>

<p>I know that they gave out a 5 in testing for 1480+ when Rachel Toor wrote her book, which I think was based on her first year there, which would have been 1997. So, I'm guessing that SAT scores and competitiveness have increased, so I guessed 1530. But that's just a guess.</p>

<p>Other "cool facts" about admission in 97(?) from Admissions Confidential:
5 for curriculum: five "solid" classes each year and at least 5 AP classes. Any student doing full IB diploma automatically gets 5.</p>

<p>5 for achievement: top one or two percent of the graduating class (preferably first or second in class) and should have ALL As.
4 in achievement: top 5 percent and have mostly As with only a few Bs</p>

<p>5 in recommendation: teacher says "best student" and doesn't reiterate three D's - diligent, disciplined, determined. They say what the student is like in class, and don't dwell on personality or extracurriculars.</p>

<p>5 in personal qualities/ECs: accomplished on a national level
Typical 3: Student Council VP 12, SADD Treasurer 12, Chess, capt 12, Baseball 9-10, Soccer 11-12, Outing Club VP 12, church.</p>

<p>My January SAT I math score (670) changed from 89% to 90% :)</p>

<p>slipstream, very interesting stuff</p>

<p>That's weird how Sakrei % went up. Usually it goes down. hmm</p>

<p>lol wow, my verbal percentiles from March and May SAT stayed the same, but my math each went UP 1%, interesting</p>