My Potato essay (help)

<p>Here is my essay about a discovery that has importance to you...</p>


<p>There have been many discoveries and technical advancements throughout human history; the discovery of magnetism, utilization of mathematics, the understanding of the mechanics of gravity and the harnessing the power of the atom. With all these pivotal discoveries and huge technological advancements, there have been many that have been overlooked, such as “The Potato.”</p>

<p>Since I was a child, I have always been interested in topics that kids and even adults would find inexorably boring and absurd. My parents were at one time concerned at my unorthodox interest. At one time, I remember myself enraged when my dad decided to turn the channel when I was glued to the TV watching a documentary on OPB about crabs. I recall myself when I was 8 running around my backyard chasing and collecting bugs. Ants were my favorite, as I would create mini ant farms. While bugs and crabs interest me still to this day, the potato caught my attention. </p>

<p>I am amazed at the various functions a potato can perform. It is arguably one of the most versatile food product out there. Unlike other foodstuffs, the potato comes in various names and has influenced slang. Some examples are tuber, spud and the infamous “couch potato.” Whenever potato comes into someone’s mind, they immediately think food! My friends, the potato is much more! It has been symbolized in toys such as Mr. Potato Head. It can be used as a projectile in spud guns and potato cannons. This food product has also been filmed in feature films such as Toy Story. The potato has also influenced our culture in some ways as well such as the highly controversial French fry (Or freedom fry, whatever makes people happy) and potato chip. </p>

<p>The potato did not inspire me to pursue my goals, spark my perceptiveness or inspire me in any way. I didn’t dig that deep when preoccupied with this. What it did though is make me aware of my unique interest in science and in history. It all started when I was about to cook some clam chowder when on the TV I saw a documentary on the history about food, mostly concerning potatoes. It covered its significance in Ireland, development in American culture and eats. While watching this documentary, my sister came in looking at my face shaking her head saying something around the lines of, “Your nuts, your watching a documentary about food!” She left the room in disbelief. That got me to realize, I actually find a documentary about food products interesting when others would turn the channel and watch people eat bugs. Before that, I never gave much thought about my unique sense of interest and its contribution to my personality.</p>

<p>Most people see some trivial object and immediately think the superficial. When people see a computer, they simply see a monitor, a tower and some cables without even thinking twice on how it works or its significance in human development. I have wanted to know how things work and explore ideas. I have been known as being observant; always willing to learn and listen which has helped build my creativeness and my ability imagine. Both are key characteristics of my personality.


<p>A few questions
1) The essay is suppose to put at least a simle on you face. Did you smile ?:)
2) Note any writing convention errors
3) Do you like the essay and do you think the admission officers will?
4) Does the essay work?</p>

<p>I really like this...</p>

<p>there are some grammatical errors like your ---> you're</p>

<p>but this essay is really good</p>


<p>What? Are you people potato haters? Input please :)..</p>

<p>I think it's a good topic, and it'll work. You need to edit it, though. Some of your sentences could definitely be rephrased to be clearer or more interesting, like the one that starts, "Some examples are". Yeah, it's funny that a potato has lots of slang terms, but your essay doesn't really show that. Also, 2 sentences in a row in the 3rd paragraph say "has also" - it just sounds weird.
So yeah, it's a good essay, but just rephrase some stuff and it'll be awesome.</p>

<p>Yeah, I tried to think of some more potato slang. Recommendations would be nice :). This essay is going to a prestigious college. Is there anyway I can make it the best of the best of the best? I have to blow them away with this essay, its kinda a do or die for me at this juncture.</p>

<p>I like it also. I think most of us on CC (perhaps adcoms as well) can identify with the part about your sister. uhh, tater? I say potahto? "it influences the relationships of couples throughout america, let's call the whole thing off!" hot potato, sweet potato.</p>

I simply love it!
just correct the few grammatical errors and you will be fine!</p>

<p>Whoo.. hoo… after scraping 3 previous essays that sucked, I got one that works. From the reviews, people seem to be smiling as well :).</p>

<p>P.S. Ive read many essays in this board (There is one about menstruation, travel logs, life in a farm, personal aspirations, voter apathy. etc). What makes this one work?</p>

<p>I like it a lot. I think it will be good for the adcoms to see something different. I do think that you need to clean up and focus paragraph 4 though. It would also be nice to see you end the essay tying it back to the potato theme.</p>

<p>I liked it too. What college is this for?</p>

<p>Boston university and Boston college.. Gee I hope i get in for Jan admissions. I have already graduated from HS and hoping i can get in school in the winter of 2005. I would hate drift too far behind the class of 2004. My backup school screwed me and thousands of other applicants here in Washington.</p>

<p>haha this essay is funny , really nice and cute.</p>

<p>can't potatoes also power clocks and stuff?</p>

<p>Not to mention the debate between its pronunciation
po-tay-toe vs po-ta-toe</p>

<p>or was that for tomatoes..nm</p>

<p>Agreed, nice topic for essay; i would change the part about how it was filmed in Toy Story (which is animation) to 'featured in animated films" like Toy Story</p>

<p>a) lose the first paragraph entirely. See how fresher your essay is when you dive right in (as usual) instead of lecturing the reader on something unrelated to the rest of your essay (Droning voice..."There have been many blah blah blah' the history of blah, blah)</p>

<p>b) many kids are into bugs</p>

<p>c) I doubt this statement--"When people see a computer..." this statement is highly invented, try doing a survey and asking people what they think about when they see a computer. A very weak position to take undermines an effective conclusion.</p>

<p>d) It all started with a doc, but where did it end up? You left us hanging.</p>

<p>e) As many have said here: show, don't tell. You tell things about yourself in the conclusion that we don't see. We just have to trust you on that.</p>

<p>1) No
2) Too early to bother with that
3) It's okay and no
4) See above comments--I don't find enough intellectual exploration here. Just very light, very surface.</p>

<p>imo, you may have an essay here, but it needs more.</p>

<p>: S
I agree with bettina somehow. I don' it much? The topic could work but it needs to be developed a lot somehow. hmm...</p>

<p>other peopel are giving it rave reviews tho, so perhaps I'm just that grumpy adcom who hates kids and potatoes alike or something.</p>

<p>As always, I'm with Bettina on this. I really like the potato theme, but jumps to bugs and computers and interest in learning more about things. Stick with potato, but organize a theme, e.g. interest in history and science.</p>

<p>Jump right in, with 2nd PP. Keep the light tone, but consistent formal style.
Personally, I think the hardest part of preparing an essay is to find a theme, and yours is definitely catchy.</p>

<p>Para 2: "the potato caught my attention." falls flat; sounds boring.
Last para: Does not mention potatoes; you need to tie the first part of your essay to the big conclusion that you are observant, like to learn, and like to know how things work.
It is an okay essay, but it did not excite me. Of course, I'm the one who liked the math-girl menstruation essay. Good luck.</p>

<p>Aww, bettina didn't smile :(. I gotta fix that :). Anyway, excellent constructive criticism that I need.. Ill fix this puppy up and re-post the edited version..</p>

<p>BTW, is a potato a vegetable?</p>