My Practice SAT Score Thread

<p>My goal is to get a 2100+ in about a month. I am taking the SAT on March 10. Then I will take it again the second time a month or so later. I am taking a practice test every weekend and reviewing tips and such (Like improving vocabulary, grammar and reading).</p>

<p>Guys I took my first Official Blue Book SAT Test. </p>

<p>On 2/5/2012 :( Not my best. </p>

<p>Writing: 560
Critical Reading: 540
Math: 590</p>

<p>I am going to be reviewing answers this week, and going over each and every problem whether I missed it or not.</p>

<p>*Note The Variable Section has been omitted from this practice test.</p>


<p>On 2/5/2012 Guys I need help. </p>

<p>Writing: 550
Critical Reading: 460
Math: 580</p>

<p>What am I doing wrong? I reviewed the answer and such, but I need to get the scores up to 700's.</p>

<p>Spend sometimes reviewing vocabulary, grammar, etc.. before retaking another test. Space it out. You won't have that many BB tests to try out. Use the BB tests as reference point to check your progress.</p>

<p>^ I second that.</p>

<p>Practice kicks in full power after you start doing 650+ Math ,650+ Writing and 600+ CR on a constant rate. By doing such you'll spend a lot less time reviewing and with the initial knowledge it'll be easier for you to decipher certain math questions or find the sense in a sentence completion.</p>

<p>That's how it worked for me.</p>

<p>about 3 weeks of solid prep took my practise tests from M-500, CR - 550, W - 490 (1540) to M-580, CR-650, W 750 (1980). I did the SAT this Jan, i am hoping for atleast a 1800.</p>

<p>Not being he pessimistic. But really 3 weeks to jump 500 points is really hard.</p>

<p>WEll i studied every minute I had, and I studied all day long on the weekends.</p>

<p>Dude the jump your making will take two to three months. The the test is made is so that you have to actually learn the repeated concepts they always test. However, this takes a while. You will get it when you have that AHA moment. Everyone on here has had that epiphany and their score surges to 2200 range. </p>

<p>Post every question you got wrong here with your thoughts or work so that we can help you. By helping you see where you went wrong and showing the underlying concept, you will actually be able to "master" the test. Good luck.</p>

<p>D2 was stuck in the under 2000 range for a long time, then she was stuck in 2200+ for a long time. I don't know how she did in the Jan test but let's hope she broke over her normal range.</p>