My previous AP scores were not sent..

<p>I received a 4 on AP ENG LANG last year, and I need proof of this score in order to place out of the first semester of entry level writing (R1A?). College Board sent my scores from 5/10 but not from last year (5/09).... Will I have to call and pay $15 to have my previous scores sent (because I was told that they would be automatically sent in with my scores from this year)?</p>

<p>Call Office of Undergrad. Admissions. They have a large backlog of scores and transcripts being sent in, so it's taking a long time for them to process everything. Your scores should have been sent in, but if you are doubting this, it would be worth it to pay $15 and be POSITIVE that your scores were sent. It may be that the Office of Undergrad. has received your scores- they just may have not been able to review them yet.</p>

<p>AP test score report is cumulative (it says so on the College Board website), so ALL your scores would have been submitted. Call the admissions office to find out if it's a glitch that your scores are not showing up; other students have complained about similar problems on this forum.</p>

<p>I have posted this before as well and you would think that CB would get this straightened out. If you took tests more than one year and used a middle initial or SS# one year and not the next, you may have more than one file at CB. Call CB and ask this question. If they have duplicate files, ask them to combine the files and forward ALL of your scores to your college at no additional cost to you. Tell them that MD Mom would really like them to write better directions for the test proctors.</p>

<p>Hi, I hope you solved your problem already. But if not, here is what you should do (hope i don't sound to mean). I was basically in the same situation as you. It turns out, in one year, my name is hyphenated, so then the scores are stored into a separated file then the rest of my score.</p>

<p>If you still have all the scores report, bust them out and check if there is any mistake. Then call the toll free college board number and choose the option to speak to an agent. Tell them your situation. It would be really helpful if you have the AP number from the year (2009) that you need. Other information you would need - your name, address, birthday. </p>

<p>DON'T listen to yoyo88 and pay the fifteen dollar. If you do it, you will still only send the file with only your 2010. (If your situation is the same as mine, where your scores got filed separately due to some mistakes) and you will probably just waste your money. Tried to sort it out with collegeboard and find out what the problem is. The agents are actually pretty nice.</p>

<p>Hope that helps :)</p>

<p>Ugh, I'm kind of having the same problem, except NONE of my AP scores are shown. I wrote down the school code when I took the tests this year, as well as paid the $25 or however much fee to send them again...</p>

<p>i had the same exact problem last year. you need to call college board. i did that and the lady i spoke to said shell just combine the scores onto one paper and resend it to your college. i didnt have to pay but they did say that it would take one to two weeks to process and then send out and then it take more time for the college to recieve it. i just remember that it was really slow.</p>

<p>I'm in the same situation. None of my AP scores are up on myBerkeley. I've sent in my score report TWICE already. ($15+$25=$40...)
Who should I contact now? Or should I just wait a little longer?</p>

<p>Call College Board directly, tifamo. They should not charge you and you should get a credit if you were charged twice for sending the same set of scores to the same school.</p>