My problem

<p>I'm a on the second half of my sophmore at East Wake High School in Wendell, NC and since I've been in high school, I've slacked off and thought I still have my future ahead of me. Realizing that I don't have much time at the end of my first semester, I'm not sure if I could still get into college with my past grades. Last year my grades were (Earth Science-D, World History- A, English 1- B, Algebra 1-C) Those were my core classes. This year for the first semester my grades were (Geometry-C, English 2 Honors- D) and that's it for my core classes so far. And my school isn't the best with grades/Sats. I was wondering if anyone thinks i can still make it in if I do alot better than I have done in the past?</p>

<p>Colleges will absolutely look highly on improvement. If you work really hard this second semester, and go into your junior year, which they really look at, with the same kind of attitude, I think colleges will see that. And if you can keep it up 1st semester senior year, they'll see that's the student they're accepting, not the 14 year old who got a D. Good luck!</p>