My questoin on AP statistics on senior year schedule

<p>Hello folks,
I am hesitating about my math course arrangement. I took BC Calculus in my sophomore year, and am taking Multivariable Calculus as a junior this year. Multivariable Calculus used to be the highest level of math course in my school; next year, however, AP Statistics will be offered as a new course.
As I heard that AP stat is not that much a challenging course, do you guys recommend I self-study AP Stat this year (and hopefully make through the exam, though it's kinda late to get started, I guess) but take no math in my senior year, or should I just have AP stat on my senior schedule?
Any advice would be helpful!=)</p>

<p>I'd say take AP Stats because it's not too good to not have a math class senior year. If you can take Linear Algebra or something like that that would be good.</p>

<p>Take Stat.</p>

<p>Or take Diff Eq at a local CC</p>

<p>Stat is NOT math, it is like a form of social sciences. I really hate that class, most of the math is done through inputting numbers in the calculator.</p>

<p>Start self-studying AP Stats RIGHT NOW. You can finish in 2-3 weeks if you are hardworking. As the above poster stated, a lot of the questions can be solved quickly using TI calculator functions. Anyone with common sense and a good math background can get a 2 without studying anything at all. Getting a 3 requires some background.</p>

<p>Looking at your progress in math, you should be able to get a 4 or 5 easily.</p>

<p>I would try to take Linear Algebra and Differential Equations your senior year. If you can handle those, you are good and are well prepared for college.</p>

<p>Thanks for the posts above.
AP Stat is the only math course offered in my school that I have not taken yet; therefore, that is the only candidate course for my senior year.
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations are not offered at all. =(((
Hi BoelterHall, if I'm not worried about getting 4 or 5 on AP stat, but if I do that, there will be no math course on my schedule next year (but of course there will be other fun non-math courses to take ^^). Do you still recommend I take the exam this year?</p>

<p>Thats why you should take Linear Algebra and Differential Equations at a local community college. I've heard that some school accept Computer Science AP as a math but I'm not too sure about that. Otherwise you can just take stats and have a easy going senior year <em>in terms of math</em>.</p>

<p>theshonen8890: I see people mean community college. I live in a boarding school, and plus I guess they charge a lot, so I might not be able to do that...but I got an idea from that: maybe I should requrest independent study for that...and hopefully it will be aproved by the school?
AP Computer Science AB is already taken... sigh...</p>