My RD Chances PLEASE

<p>Hi, What do you think my chances are?
White Male, Public school in South Florida</p>

<p>Rank: 16/555 (top 3 percent)
SAT I ( took twice, highest math-710, highest verbal-800)-1510 cumulative (1410 and 1420 separately)
GPA(weighted, unweighted)- 4.42, 3.97
SAT II: Writing 620, 690 US his, 700 Lit ( retaking writing and Lit in december)</p>

<p>Courses( middles school ones are high school credit)
Algebra I Honors (A/B)
Integrated Science(A/A)
20th Century World History (A/A)
Spanish I (A/A)
Geometry Honors (B/B)
Algebra II H (A/A)
Journalism (A/A)
Speech/World Geography (A/A)
Spanish 2 H (A/A)
Mass Media/Weight Training (A/A)
Earth Space Science H (A/A)
English (gifted) (A/A)
English (gifted) A/A
Precalculus (B/A)- only b in actual high school
World History H (A/A)
Life Mgmt/P.E (A/A)
Biology H (A/A)
Spanish 3 H (A/A)
AP English (A/A/5)
AP US History (A/A/4)
AP Calculus AB (A/A/4)
Psychology 1/2 (A/A)
Chemistry H (A/A)
Newspaper Honors (A/A)
Spanish 4 H (A/A)
AP ENglish 12
Economics H/ AP American Govt
Physics Hon
Newspaper honors
AP Statistics
AP Psychology</p>

-Write in teen section of biggest South Florida Newspaper, School newspaper, Treasurer of Model U.N, Book Club(Charter Member), Math Academic Games (#3 team in county), NHS, Spanish NHS, Mu Alpha Theta (Math NHS)</p>

<p>Good recommendations from my two teachers ("one of the top few students i have met in my 22-year teaching career" lol), supposedly good guidance Rec. An excellent supplemental recommendation from my editor at the newspaper I write for.</p>

<p>Good ,unique essay</p>

<p>I'd say you have a 15% chance. </p>

<p>What does that sarcasm mean? Do you think I have a good chance and thus are giving me a low number or are you being sarcastic towards the people who give percentages bc people who aren't adcoms cant really give accurate predictions.</p>

<p>considering the fact you are applying to a school that stresses academics, you should be able to figure out what sodfather meant....and if you cant figure it out, you should burn in the depths of hell for eternity..."<sarcasm>"</sarcasm></p>

<p>i am concerned that you have nothing to do with your free time but make posts like this, freakish</p>

<p>No, I made this post once a while ago and just copied and pasted it...I'm actually probably one of the people who are least occupied with school outside of school on these boards.</p>

<p>bump it up</p>

<p>what HS, can I ask?</p>